Fan engagement is the solution to truly excite supporters

Inspire every fan by delivering them a personal phone call from one of their star players. Provide this WOW effect every time with Apifonica Fan Engagement

100% automated engagement solution guaranteed to impress fans

High-impact personal touch

Apifonica calls every fan and plays a voice message recorded by the club’s star player. With a natural, informal tone, it makes an impact comparable to a real conversation.

Intelligent automation

Apifonica makes and handles calls automatically without the need for human participation.

Unbeatable cost per sale

The average conversion rate of our campaigns is 18%. Cost per sale is cheaper than any other engagement tactic (likely except word of mouth only).

Measurable results

Everything is measurable! Use real-time stats including who picked up, who called back, conversation length and much more.

Personally address every fan to provide a unique engagement experience

Share news

Deliver club news personally to supporters via phone conversation. Channel the incredible impact of a player calling to announce their own contract extension or a coach thanking fans for their support.

Drive ticket and merch sales

80% of emails are ignored while 80% of phone calls are answered. Reach as much of your audience as possible via phone call. Inspire action with a sense of immediacy and drive a 2-3x increase in promo campaign conversion rate.

Create social media buzz

Engagement campaigns powered by our Fan Engagement solution consistently receive significant levels of positive feedback from fans and set record social media interaction numbers. Tap into the highest level of this vital modern channel.

Gather feedback

Want to know if fans are satisfied with the stadium’s facilities, ticket office efficiency or other service? Just ask!

Impress using Fan Engagement in 5 simple steps


Envision your WOW effect

Get in touch with our customer engagement expert to design your campaign and develop an experience that will give fans goosebumps.


Create the content of your extraordinary offering

Record a voice message and prepare your contact list. Or just sit back and let us do the work in our recording studio.


Let the automated magic begin

Apifonica automatically dials every number on your contact list. When a fan picks up, they hear the pre-recorded voice message. After the message, they can request an SMS or talk to a live agent such as a ticket officer.


The amazing automation continues

Those customers requesting it receive an SMS containing whatever you choose, from special offers and links to related web content (purchase forms, videos, news articles etc.).


Now for the WOW

If a fan calls back, Apifonica automatically answers a call and plays your recorded voice message.

Enforce your marketing with this leading comms technology

Outbound dynamic IVR

Outbound IVR dials a list of numbers, plays a pre-recorded message (or generates one from a written text) and prompts customers to take action.

Speed dialling

Reach thousands of contacts in minutes. Apifonica makes thousands of calls to deliver news to your entire fanbase at once.

Call answering

Handle inbound calls automatically. If fans call back, their call will be answered and they will hear your special voice message.


Augment your campaign with SMS capability to deliver ticket deals, special offers and links to related web content.

Call routing scenario

Prompt fans to immediately connect to a ticket office and place an order in real time.

Local phone numbers

Make calls from numbers that match your fan’s local area code. Consumers are significantly more likely to answer calls from local numbers.

Who’s benefiting from Apifonica Fan Engagement?

Apifonica fan engagement campaignsWhy choose Apifonica?


We provide company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development team.

Good rates

Starting from just €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS and €0.9 per number.

Best support

We are available 24/7 to maximise your business’ innovation using our services.

How to start working with us?

Step 1

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Step 3

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Step 4

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