Discover a new age of recruitment with highly functional HR Robot

On average, HR managers spend 8 work days and 1000€ to find a single suitable candidate. HR Robot screens hundreds of candidates in minutes, speeding up initial recruitment process stages by 76%

HR robot – a candidate-finding callbot humans can’t compete with

Automates up to 60% of standard recruiter tasks

HR Robot screens CVs on job sites, conducts phone screening interviews, sends tests and forms and collects responses, and gives feedback to unsuccessful candidates.

A huge 80% reduction in cost per hire

200€ is the average cost per hire with HR Robot compared to 1000€ per manual recruitment process (source: Glassdoor).

Reach more qualified candidates

HR Robot screens a job site’s entire CV database and contacts every candidate that fits the role’s requirements.

Make sure you remain ahead of your competition

HR Robot ensures you are first to contact all suitable candidates, even during high season when everyone is hiring.

3-4x lower time and cost
with HR robot

Corporate recruiters

Hire entry-level staff faster and cheaper. HR Robot successfully finds best candidates for all blue collar and service jobs from handyman to operations officer.

HR agencies

Save your specialists’ hours and speed up initial staff selection. HR Robot automatically selects and interviews all suitable job seekers, filters out those uninterested and provides a list of qualified candidates.

Job portals

Provide recruitment services to employers as a paid service. HR Robot selects suitable candidates from your database, interviews them, passes selected CVs to employers and prevents off-platform transactions.

Begin automated hiring in 4 easy steps


Our expert is ready to consult

Our voice AI expert helps you shape your unique campaign: define criteria, screening questions, success metrics and more.


HR Robot begins the search

HR Robot screens CVs across job sites or your database, removes duplicate CVs and selects every perfect candidate in minutes.


HR Robot reaches out

HR Robot calls selected candidates, explains job details, asks and answers questions and provides a shortlist of the position’s best candidates.


HR happy!

Candidates who excel in HR Robot interview phase are passed onto the company’s HR manager for the final hiring decision. 80% of the hard work done!

More revolutionary features
of HR Robot

AI-powered dialogues

Imitates human communication: asks questions, understands responses, answers candidate questions etc.

Multilingual conversations

Speaks 150+ languages, can hire anywhere in world.

Speed dialling

Makes thousands of calls simultaneously, reaching a virtually unlimited number of candidates in minutes.

Call redirection

Transfers calls to a live recruiter when necessary, immediately or on schedule.


Engages in conversation with candidates via text messaging; sends content via SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, WhatsApp etc.


Sends forms and surveys to candidates, collects responses.

Call answering

Answers calls from candidates who call back, provides feedback to candidates who are not selected.

Local phone numbers

Makes calls from numbers that match a candidate’s area code, as people are more likely to answer calls from local numbers.


Integrates seamlessly with your CRM and other enterprise software.

What do our customers think?

Customer use case, Finland

The customer provides staff outsourcing services for areas including sales, customer service, telemarketing and accounting. With a rapidly growing customer base, they strive to maintain a pool of qualified applicants to promptly fill job openings. The customer uses HR Robot to reach new candidates quickly and update their applicant database so they always have potential candidates available. With HR Robot, they identify best candidates from thousands of CVs to complete 2 months of recruiter work in 1 hour at 20% of the cost.

Apifonica HR RobotWhy choose Apifonica?

Proven expertise

Solutions for all marketplaces and major platforms including European and Russian classified services and marketplaces.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica have fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.

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