Voicebot for call center
and contact center

Conversational AI bots and NLP can help businesses save up to
$1million annually in customer service costs.

What is a Voicebot for Call Center?

Apifonica AI-Voicebot automates communication, CRM management, and reporting. It uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand natural language and respond in a natural way.

Reply to in-bound requests in seconds

Voicebot instantly responds to every customer 24/7/365, thus there will be no waiting on the line.

Cover vast audience in outbound campaigns

Voicebot handles 1000+ calls a minute, thus you can cover a vast audience in case of promo campaigns.

Automate CRM management

Voicebot automatically adds data to CRM, updates the status of request, and creates a report based on your KPIs. With webhooks Voicebot can also update scripts based on changes in CRM.

Optimize call centre costs

Voicebot can cover audiences of any size, easily handles peak loads, allows for quick script A/B tests and never takes a sick leave - you can experiment and scale business and control costs easily.
68% of customers believe that conversational AI bots provide quick solutions.

AI solution dedicated to call centers.
How can our Voicebot help you?

Pre-qualification of client’s requests

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Order status notification or confirmation

Delivery notification or confirmation


Satisfaction survey

Optimise your call center processes and save costs with AI-Voicebot

Advantages of Voicebot
for Call Center

  • Costs reduction

    The average cost of qualification for one lead or request by Voicebot is just 4.2PLN. Voicebot can help reduce costs by 2-3 times. Also, with Voicebot it is easier to control the costs as it allows for quick and predictable scaling without additional hires, it never takes vacation or sick leave and it optimises the work of the consultants relieving them from repetitive tasks, preventing burnout and boosting morale.

  • 24/7 availability and speed

    Voicebot handles thousands of calls at a time, without lunch breaks and vacations. For example, during a seasonal promo campaign Voicebot will need only 10 minutes to inform 1000+ customers about the discounts. And to cope with the same task by the call centre, you will need to hire 50 operators. Surely, there are tasks which only consultants can do - Voicebot is an addition to them optimising processes and costs.

  • Possibility to process a lot of requests at once

    Voicebot can process 1000+ calls a minute. It understands natural language. For example, a person calls bank customer support about a blocked credit card. There are different ways to talk about this issue: my card is not working; my card is blocked; I couldn’t make a payment; something is wrong with my card; why can’t I make a payment and so on. Voicebot understands all different variants including interjections.

76% of contact centers are planning to invest in artificial intelligence in the next two years.
(Source: Deloitte)
Improve your customer service processes
with AI-Voicebot

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Optimize your workflows and costs
with AI-Voicebot