Apifonica XML

The simplest way to build your Apifonica voice and messaging applications

Apifonica XML streamlines development of your voice and messaging-enabled apps


Apifonica XML is an XML-based language that instructs Apifonica on how to handle your incoming and outgoing calls. It is simple to learn and write so you can develop new features quickly and easily.


Build interactive apps that handle calls differently depending who’s calling, when and why. The XML generator produces individual instructions in real-time based on each call’s parameters.


By combining REST API requests with XML instructions, you can build complex voice and messaging solutions with zero need for costly hardware or software.


XML is a standard recommended by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and endorsed by software industry market leaders.

What is the Apifonica Markup Language (Apifonica XML, aXML)?



Apifonica XML is an XML-based language used to control actions on Apifonica. It is a set of commands and attributes which act as instructions for the platform.



Commands are actions you’d like Apifonica to perform, such as <playAudio> to a caller or <sendMessage> in response to an incoming SMS.



Attributes modify command behaviour. For example, the <playAudio> command will play an audio file, while the loops attribute will change how many times the file is played to a caller.



When someone calls your number, Apifonica sends a request to a URL associated with this number. It reads XML instructions hosted on that URL and decides what to do with the call: play a sound file, prompt the caller to type digits on a keypad, etc.

Apifonica XML commands


Sends an SMS message during the call to a specific phone number.


Adds another participant to the current call.


Hangs up the call.


Plays an audio file to the caller.


Pauses before executing further instructions.


Gathers digits typed by caller into their phone keypad.


Redirects the call to a different Apifonica XML instruction.

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