Build native APPs that take full advantage of the platform using our powerful MOBILE SDK

The platform acts as a comprehensive switchboard handling calls between any combo of apps, SIP endpoints, mobile devices and PSTN phones

How developers can add Voice capabilities to apps with our SDK for IOS, Android and node.js

Enhance functionality

Enhance your app with voice calling features usually very time-consuming to build. Apifonica handles complex call management and frees you to create a remarkable UI.

Monetise your app

Deliver more value and comfort to your users to increase engagement, stand out from the rest of the competition and increase revenue across the board.

Keep user interactions on-platform

Let users call each other directly in-app to boost privacy, prevent off-platform transactions and monitor conversations for service quality and claim resolution purposes.

Every sector enhances communications with Apifoniсa SDK

Marketplaces, job portals and dating websites

Let users call each other directly without revealing personal numbers. Connect parties by VoIP or temporary number to protect personal data, prevent off-platform transactions and increase interaction control.

Inbound call center and customer service lines

Leverage your knowledge of where a user is situated in your app interface, identify their needs and then connect them to the right agent instead of exposing a caller to dozens of IVR options.

Providers of CRM and contact centre software

Let users talk with clients through your web and mobile apps to support a work-from-anywhere environment and take the lead of growing trends in workforce mobility.

Further Apifonica voice SDK capabilities benefitting developers

Placing calls

Apifonica receives a phone call from your app and places it with another mobile or web app (over IP) or to a phone number (via PSTN).

Receiving calls

Apifonica receives calls from apps (over data) and phone numbers (via PSTN), places an outgoing call to your app then seamlessly bridges the two.

Acquiring phone numbers

The platform instantly provisions local, mobile and SIP phone numbers to your users.

Support for audio codecs

OPUS/G722/G711(u/a-law)/SHA-256 support provides superior sound quality and better handling of possible mobile network issues.


Powers phone number acquisition and voice calling directly from web browser, supporting Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari.

Server-side web SDK

Enables a connection between your mobile apps or web RTC devices and the Apifonica platform.


Allows apps with pre-installed mobile SDKs to interact with Apifonica server using simple REST API requests.

SDKs supplied documentation

Well-prepared documentation that describes the Platform solution come integrated in simple language.

Apifonica SDKs for IOS & AndroidsWhy choose Apifonica?

Backend - done!

We provide a ready-to-use backend solution tailored to your exact needs so you don’t need to build it yourself.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica has fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.

Elevate in-app customer communications with Apifonica SDK

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