No borders or limits: Make the world your home with Virtual Phone Numbers

Run your business as if at home in 100+ countries. Enjoy an incredible communications expansion

Why virtual phone numbers make you like a communications leader

Virtual phone numbers are not linked to any physical phone line. They are invaluable for businesses routing customer calls to the correct agent based on IVR inputs and can be comprehensively monitored for performance and any other means.


Presence in 100+ countries

Currently we have virtual phone numbers for all European countries and all other countries are available via easy request. Conduct business in India from your UK base and appear entirely local to customer.

No cancelation costs

Different forms of pre/post-paid cooperation. Minimum requirements at star and no long-term cabalisation contracts!


You and your clients will not receive undesirable calls or messages intended for previous owners. Each number is verified by Apifonica through innovative monitoring including in-depth network provider testing.


Optimise expenditure by hiring employees remotely in third countries or home offices and end need to pay rent or taxes.

Client segmentation

With different numbers, you can segment users geographically and use channel numbers in marketing.

Multiple departments

If your company expands and adds new departments, it is an excellent opportunity to put internal and external comms in order!

Apifonica platformHow to setup Virtual Phone Number?



Define the purposes for which you require virtual phone numbers.



Enter valid company information to start our quick and simple registration.



Review our list of available numbers (filter numbers by country or digits).



Make a small installation fee and set up your ideal monthly payment.



Now you can create any kind of scenario for how calls will proceed.

More features of the powerful presence virtual phone numbers bring your brand

Comms platform provided

Platform functionality enables you to customise comms chains of unimaginable quality and potential.

Low installation fee

The cost of Virtual Phone Numbers depends on the quantity. More numbers, more savings! For some requests, we can even provide zero-cost installation.

Virtual phone numbers

Any kind of number is immediately available in your country: national, local, mobile, toll-free or shortcode.

No SIM required

All a user needs to do is set the redirection of any SMS, fax, call etc.

Highest quality

Unbeatable connection quality ensures users notice no difference between virtual and real number.


Easy to increase the quantity of multiplied talks for more customer calls to be answered at once.

Some more ideas on how to use virtual phone numbers!

Call center services

Customer-facing teams keen to streamline customer comms and call centres of up to 500 agents can use Apifonica for increased efficacy.

Marketplace lead management

Connecting vendors and customers can be tricky for marketplaces due to constraints involved. Apifonica ensures conversations are tracked and kept on-platform for max monetisation.

Apifonica Virtual Phone NumbersThree reasons to choose us


We provide company - owned communication nodes and an in-house development team.

Good rates

Starting as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS and €0.9 per number.

Best Support

We’re around 24/7 to help make your business the most innovative there is.

4 easy steps to success with Apifonica

Step 1

Click button and make contact with us

Step 2

Let’ s shape how your phone number wil work

Step 3

Start your registration in Apifonica Platform

Step 4

Now you can see how your business has success

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