Convert abandoned cart into
sales with AI-Voicebot

70% of online shopping carts are abandoned. But you can turn things around with AI-Voicebot.

What is an AI-Voicebot?

This Voicebot uses machine learning and natural language processing to understand natural speech and respond like a manager would. It automates communication, CRM management, and reporting.

How does it convert abandoned carts?

Voicebot calls a shopper who abandoned a cart, collects feedback and offers a discount or alternative based on the previous choice. It personalizes and automates communication to boost conversion.

Why is Voicebot the best option?

There are many ways to reach such shoppers. But which is the best? Open rates of emails are the lowest - 10-20%, SMS is 4-5 times higher, but voice calls have the highest engagement rates.
calls per second
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your
leads like a local

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Benefits you get
with AI-Voicebot

  • Personalization

    AI-Voicebot can help you personalise and automate communication. It integrates into your CRM and uses webhooks to trigger actions: e.g. user abandons the cart with certain products and this triggers a call where Voicebot will talk about chosen items.

  • Automation

    Voicebot makes a call and updates your CRM automatically. It can also be triggered by CRM data changes via webhooks: you change pricing and voicebot updates call script accordingly.

  • 24/7 availability and speed

    Voicebot handles thousands of calls at a time, without lunch breaks and vacations. Voicebot will need only 10 minutes to process 1000+ customers.

63% of marketers see the highest benefit of personalization on conversion rate increase.
Boost your sales with personalisation via AI-Voicebot!


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