Communication automation
revolution: Voicebot + СhatGPT

Discover the power of conversational AI by using Apifonica's Voicebot with ChatGPT.
Provide even friendlier communication and better performance!

How ChatGPT improves Voicebot?
What is a Voicebot?

One of our clients needed to hire 10+ cleaners in a short period of time. They needed a lot of CVs to hire
that many people and this position is not exactly a candidate magnet - it’s not an IT specialist or SMM
manager. They A/B tested a vacancy ad with Voicebot and the one with standard application flow.

How chatGPT compliments Voicebot?

Better replies and less training:

integration with chatGPT allows Voibot to identify and auto-generate answers, e.g. with FAQ or customer service requests, you can upload history of such calls or PDF instructions and Voicebot will build scenarios without additional training/education.

Automatic intent recognition:

our Voicebot can recognise users intentions via semantic meaning of the message using machine learning. Adding chatGPT to the mix allows to verify a great variety of intentions ensuring flexibility of scenario which makes conversation between bot and user even more natural. What is more, no additional training is needed for the system.

Ready-made conversations:

with chatGPT Voicebot can auto-generate whole sample conversations for any use case needed. It saves lots of time during the script design stage. It speeds up the launch of a Voicebot.

Need: a friendly dialogue that solves the customer's problem and achieves your business goal

Solution: Apifonica Voicebot + ChatGPT

ChatGPT and Voicebot: why do you
need it and how does it work?

Why ChatGPT?

More natural dialogue

Better intent recognition

Ultimate flexibility within the given scenario

Faster launch of a Voicebot

How do Voicebot and chatGPT work together?

“Before adding chatGPT, in case conversation goes off the script, Voicebot would try to get the user back to the initial script or transfer a call to an agent. Even though we had a pretty low percentage of such call transfers - 15% - with chatGPT we can now ressolve even more issues automatically extending the number of intents.”

Finka Heynemann,
Conversational UI Designer at Apifonica

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    We have direct seamless integration with chatGPT, which allows you to pass the processing of the question there, but the control of the answers remains on our side. Further actions are governed by the logic of our UI.

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    ChatGPT also works in our case as the script designer's assistant, which allows you to make and test scripts automatically. Pros for the client - better quality of scripts, more intentions covered by one script, automatic testing.

Voicebot and ChatGPT ensure ultimate
success of conversation automation:

This is a new quality of communication and an
unprecedented way to reach customer expectations!

  • increase resolution rate to 90-95%

  • decrease the number of calls passed to agents up to 5%

With chatGPT the launch of Voicebot is even faster now

Adding chatGPT to Voicebot speeds up preparation of scripts, especially FAQ scenarios and typical customer support issues resolution (we can just upload the historical data from such calls in your company to the system and it will be able to use it to build natural conversations).

Before chatGPT it used to take from 3 to 5 days to launch a basic Voicebot with script templates or a few weeks to launch a more comprehensive version featuring ML algorithms, scripts covering multiple intents and comprehensive reporting. With chatGPT simplifying the process of script creation (if the company has data on the calls which have to be automated e.g. calls log from customer support) the launch of a comprehensive version can be done in 1-2 weeks or even sooner depending on the complexity of integrations required.
ChatGPT provides unprecedented
naturalness and seamless conversations,
and Apifonica's Voicebot guarantees high
quality and effectiveness of campaigns