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smart automation

One provider for all your needs: smart automation of omnichannel communication

Enhance your employees
experience at 7 crucial stages


Give feedback

Schedule 2nd interview

Give a warm welcome

Onboard new employees

Make satisfaction surveys

Ensure positive exit experience

enelmed creates a friendlier recruitment process

Candidates experience
applications processed
less time spent on screening
replies to all candidates

enel-med is a nationwide healthcare services provider with 27 medical centers, 10 diagnostic facilities, and 2 hospitals. They employ more than 1000 people.

“Our goal was to speed up the hiring process and provide candidates with a virtual assistant who brings a sense of comfort by responding immediately to the application. Voicebot conducts phone interviews with candidates and gives them basic information about the position without involving recruiters. The candidate feels cared for, and we collect the data we need for further decision-making.”

Recruitment Manager
Calculate the costs & hours
you could save using Voicebot:

One of our clients - delivery service - has calculated that processing 625 CVs with our Voicebot saved them 145hours of work and as much as PLN 6,815PLN in 30 days.
Would you like to see how much money
you can save?
CV’s per month:
Saved per Month
How did we calculate this?
  • The average salary of a recruiter/HR specialist with all the taxes, social security, and insurance payments is 7840 PLN monthly.

  • Polish workers work about 168 hours per month.

  • An hour of a recruiter’s work costs an employer 7840/168 = 47 PLN.

  • 145 person-hours * 47 PLN = 6815 PLN in a month.

Increase conversion of ads campaigns
and improve client experience

Mass outreach

Timely notifications

Lead qualification

Order confirmation

Satisfaction survey

Customer support

calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your leads like a local
Success story

Optimization of ad
campaign costs Foxford

  • Launched ad campaign and needed to qualify
    7866 leads
  • Voicebot filtered out 2500 junk leads
  • Lead processing used to take 7 minutes
    (2500 x 7 min. = 291 hr.)
  • Voicebot saved them 291 hours of work

Marketing messaging platform

Mass SMS campaigns with support at all stages from message delivery to conversions. We go far beyond just delivering SMS.
Messaging bot for marketers with easy-to-use UI and goal-driven campaigns which focus on conversion
Quick integration with any CRM
Ultimate tracking: CTR, user location, browsers, tracking by personalised link
All-in-one reporting allowing to connect online & offline activities
99,5% Delivery rate
SMS delivered monthly
destinations where we send SMS

Trusted by leading companies
around Europe

increase in donor retention rate
lower SMS campaign cost thanks to automated phone number validation feature
countries covered by SMS campaigns
messages per second sending capacity

SOS-Villages is one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world. SOS-Villages relies heavily on recurring donations. Using the Apifonica message service, they have successfully reduced its donor base churn. Apifonica provides all the necessary tools to build timely, personalized communication.

SIP Trunk

Virtual phone line connecting your call centre to our global telephony network. Use Apifonica as your single telephony provider in 145 countries - securely, conveniently and fast.

Higher efficiency

Reach thousands of users in seconds. Our call-per-second and message-per-second rates are higher than market average and we can scale on demand.


Enjoy the simplicity of a single contract, invoice, and SIP connection for all your global communications needs. Our network unifies dozens of carrier providers.

Local phone numbers

Connect locally with your global customers. Get instant access to phone numbers from dozens of country and city codes.

Security and monitoring

Use pre-approved IP and user access lists to prevent undesirable calls. Maintain secure control over your SIP traffic.
Countries for outbound calling with local rates and numbers
of calls made instead

Benefit with advanced communication features: unlock voicebots, cloud IVR, voice recording, call tracking, mass calling campaigns, and much more.