Increase your
Employee Retention in 2022

AI-powered voicebot for cheaper & quicker recruiting, more efficient screening and automated reporting.
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Improve employee retention

with quicker recruitment, more efficient and engaging onboarding/offboarding, more engaging education and professional development - all thanks to our AI-based Voicebot

Increase onboardingoffboarding efficiency

with our smart Voicebot which can lead an employee through this flow using onboarding script for each position. It can also measure satisfaction with the process via surveys.

Boost employees engagement and loyalty

with gamification, our AI-based Voicebot can turn on-/offboarding and education into a quest with tasks, rewards, etc. increasing their success rates; it can also automate notifications during the training, as well as exams and feedback gathering afterwards.

Make data-driven decisions with automation

our Voicebot can automate regular employee satisfaction surveyseNPS measurement and upload data to your CRM for easier analysis; it can also do exit interviews and 360 surveys gathering all info in a unified format facilitating decision-making.
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
languages to talk to your employees like a local
24 000
person-hours per year saved for our clients
integrations with other software

Enhance your employees
experience at 6 crucial stages


Recruit Top Talent


Help New Hires to fit in & start properly


Build Strenghts and purpose


Drive expectations


Coach career growth


Positive exit experience
Increase conversion rates in massive hiring with quicker reach-out and cover more candidates at a time (thousands of calls simultaneously) which makes mass-hiring cycle shorter.
Gather the data for 360 surveys automatically in a unified format directly into CRM facilitation decision-making regarding promotions.
Optimise on-/offboarding with scripts for each position leading employee through this flow. Add a survey to evaluate the process and satisfaction level ensuring employees are happy.
Automate examinations, feedback gathering, notifications & reminders, exit interviews, as well as regular employees satisfaction surveyeNPS measurement with data going directly to CRM to analyse and improve satisfaction level quicker.
Add gamification to on-/offboarding, training turning it into a quest with tasks and rewards to keep up engagement. Automatically contact people based on triggers in HRM system (e.g. B-day, regular health check, etc.) in any voice to make it fun.
Automate mass exit interviews to ensure all fired people were talked to about the reasons. Moreso, all the data afterwards will be delivered into your CRM for further analysis.

Besides, our AI-based Voicebot helps to automate manual tasks, avoid routine and save time for building better connection between business and people. This, in its own way, can result in higher employee retention rates.

Improve your image in the eyes of employees

Recruitment & Employer
Branding Expert
Voicebot helps us build a modern image of BGK as an employer, as an organization that implements modern and user-friendly solutions. Thanks to this tool, we reach candidates even more effectively, giving them the possibility of efficient and quick application.”
Shaping great candidate experience
with automation at BGK

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (BGK) is a Polish national development bank, a state-owned bank in Poland. Headquartered in Warsaw, it employs thousands of people around the country. The bank wanted to communicate its employer brand as modern and innovative, focusing on employee experience.

The Employer Branding Voicebot has become a part of a nationwide campaign promoting summer internships at BGK. Once someone applied for an internship via any channel, the Voicebot automatically called the applicant on the phone. It explained the internship conditions and gathered some additional info from the applicant, where necessary.

The campaign has attracted 5000+ applications. Thanks to the Voicebot, BGK responded to each of these in mere minutes. Voicebot’s immediate response to applicants helped to highlight the bank’s attention to candidate experience and communicate the image of BGK as a modern and friendly place to work.

How does Integration work?
Native Integrations
3,000+ API integrations
Automate your
HR Workflow
Candidate Experience is one of the main topics for the modern recruiter. The time always matters. Use this integration to send the pre-qualification questionaire right after the candidate fulfiled the vaccancy form. The candidate stays informed in a minute and starts his recruitment path, and you're contacting only qualified candidates (those who had positive conversation with Voicebot).
After you set-up
  • Interviews & feedback collection
  • Outbound calling campaigns & promo
  • Instant lead response & qualification

How to make your employees stay with you longer

  • Improve employee retention

  • Facilitate employee review process

  • Reduce turnover rate with better quality of
    onboarding & recruitment

  • Make training and career/professional
    development process more time-efficient

  • Automate employee satisfaction
    measurement & deliver all data to one hub

Improve your employee retention and save up to
33% of their annual revenue in costs of replacements
with Apifonica.