Increase deposits and reactivate
disengaged players with the Voicebot
for online gambling customer retention

Case study
Calling campaign encouraging
deposits for a major Spanish
online bookmaker
104 415
contacts on the list
89 397
successful contacts
42 681
listened to the whole message
2 224
expressed interest
in making a deposit
How iGaming
Voicebot works
Apifonica interacts with your players with new modes, inspiring and motivating immediate action.
up to 15% increase in
unique depositors
increased traffic
on the website
up to 30%
decrease in churn
availability 24/7,
365 days

From inactive players to payers

Audio case studies

iGaming Voicebot
makes it easier for

Online casinos

Virtual poker



Sports betting

Unbeatable reach rates for your promo campaigns

  • Maximize reach

    Track unsuccessful contact attempts. Make repeat attempts over alternative channels wherever necessary.

  • Use alternative advertising tactics

    Automatically turn your SMS messages into voice calls. Free from many messaging limitations, voice is proven to convert better.

Apifonica converts more efficiently

  • Right content, right channel

    Identify, reach, and engage passive players with personalized content and promotions.

  • Sence of immediacy

    Deliver your promos over a phone call to create a feeling of immediacy and drive action.

Get crystal clear campaign reports

  • Track everything

    Get in-depth data about how players interact with your phone calls and SMSes.

  • Integrate

    Voicebot integrates with CRMs and other enterprise software via API.

How integration works
The most valuable asset of a gambling operator is its account base. Operators invest heavily in attracting new players. But of these hard-won customers, only 2 in 5 turn into paying clients, and 70% of these become inactive in 6-12 months. Apifonica's Voicebot turns this customer base into depositing players using automated interactive phone calls and messages.
After setup
Use the iGaming Voicebot to:
  • Activate newly registered users
  • Promote betting on specific sporting events
  • Reach higher online gambling customer retention
Quicker & more efficient engagement with your
audience with AI-powered Voicebot

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