Automate medical registration at a clinic with a voicebot

Up to 80% of calls at the telephone reception desk of a clinic or a hospital can be handled automatically – the solution is an intelligent voicebot for patient service.

How to automatically relieve the burden on the clinic reception?

Waiting to connect with the reception desk and missed, although scheduled medical appointments – these are the two main problems of patient service in medical facilities. How to arrange, confirm, cancel and postpone appointments quickly and effectively? How to provide patients with important information? The answer is to automate your reception desk with a medical voicebot.

The medical voicebot will talk to patients as naturally as a receptionist. Thanks to advanced NLP (natural language processing) technology, the voice assistant will understand the patient regardless of the words and phrases they use to express their intentions.

Calls per minute 24/7/365 with a voicebot for a clinic
Voicebot understands natural language, which allows for free conversation
Languages in which a medical voicebot talks to patients

How does a medical voicebot
help optimize patient service?

A voicebot for patient service will automate the entire process of registering medical visits
and managing doctors’ calendars. What will it do at the clinic reception?

Arranges appointment with selected doctors on selected dates

Reschedules or cancels appointments

Reminds about visits and confirms whether the patient will come

Conducts satisfactions surveys among patients

Collects preliminary information from the patient before the visit

Provides information about preparation for a visit or examination

Improve medical registration with voicebot

Why is it worth implementing
a voicebot for patient service?

Benefits for the clinic
Benefits for the patient

Key advantages of medical voicebot

Answers instantly and 24/7/365

100% of calls answered

No mistakes and completed CRM

Calls the patient repeatedly

Implementation takes just a few days

It speaks in a nice natural voice

Discover the possibilities of a voicebot for patient service

Frequently asked questions

What is a medical voicebot?

An intelligent, AI-based patient service voicebot acts as a virtual receptionist. It talks freely with patients in natural language – regardless of what words the patient uses, the medical voicebot will understand them without any problems. It answers the phone quickly and around the clock, solving the pressing problem of long waiting for a connection.

What processes does a voicebot for medical facilities support?

A medical voicebot, when registering patients over the phone, arranges appointments with doctors, reschedules them, cancels them and automatically confirms the presence of patients. It can also be used to collect preliminary information about the patient before the visit, provide information about examinations and preparations for them, and conduct patient satisfaction surveys. Voicebots in medicine are a great support for patients and clinics.

Why choose a voicebot to handle visit registration?

A voicebot for registering visits at the clinic allows you to save time and money and increase the clinic’s profits by solving two important patient service problems – long waiting time to connect to the reception and scheduled visits that patients do not attend. An intelligent assistant will automate patient service at the reception of a medical facility and maintain order in its documentation.

How do patients react in contact with a medical voicebot?

The voice of a modern voicebot from Apifonica sounds very natural, and the voicebot for the clinic itself is intelligent and understands patients regardless of the words they use to express their intentions. Therefore, such a conversation resembles traditional contact with a medical receptionist. For example, a patient may say: “I want to make an appointment on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday after 4 p.m.; I am interested in afternoon hours from Monday to Wednesday; I have time from June 17 to 19 in the afternoon”, and a medical voicebot will suggest appropriate hours.

Does a voicebot for clinics protect the security of patient data?

Patient data collected by a voicebot in a medical facility is completely safe – the voice assistant operates in accordance with the GDPR and medical law, and the technology protects the collected information in various ways. One voicebot works only for one specific clinic, and the data is not shared with any other entity.

How much does the implementation of a voicebot for medical registration cost?

The cost of implementation of a voicebot to serve patients depends on the selected package, which covers a certain number of minutes and involves a monthly fee. Details of variants and exact costs can be found in our price list.

Does Apifonica provide implementation support of a voicebot at a hospital or a clinic?

Yes, we provide full support – from the initial idea to the launch of a voicebot for medical registration. In short, we will prepare everything for you. Moreover, our team of experts analyzes your patient automation processes to provide you with an optimal, medically compliant solution based on your needs and seamless integration with your CRM/HIS system.

Can a medical voicebot be integrated with the HIS system?

Yes, our voicebots for medical facilities can be easily integrated with the CRM or HIS system and seamlessly adapted to clinical processes. A medical voicebot downloads data from the facility’s system and automatically supplements it with new information.