Voicebot for remarketing campaigns – automatic customer reactivation

Your customers haven’t bought anything from you for a long time? Target them with an automatic remarketing campaign using a voicebot, which will call the entire database in a few minutes.

What is a voicebot for remarketing automation?

The remarketing voicebot allows for reactivation of customers who haven’t had contact with a company for a long time. It easily benefits from the potential of the customer base you already have, quickly calling each client with a new, interesting offer. A voicebot will talk freely with your customers and answer all their questions, and then send messages with the offer.

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Voicebot understands natural language, which allows for free conversation
Languages in which the AI voicebot talks to customers

Why should I choose the remarketing voicebot?

Greater commitment

Your customers will be delighted when a voicebot speaks with the brand ambassador’s voice and uses his or her characteristic language.

Higher conversion

A voicebot for remarketing automation will directly reach almost all customers with a specific message, which increases the chance of conversion.

Building brand awareness

A voicebot for remarketing campaigns will quickly and easily remind inactive customers about your brand and its offer.
How does a voicebot for remarketing campaigns work?

A voicebot for remarketing automation will talk to your customers as freely as a consultant. Thanks to NLP technology, it understands natural language and people, regardless of the exact words and phrases they use. How does the voicebot conduct automatic remarketing campaigns?

  • A remarketing voicebot calls a specific group (or all) customers from the database within a specified period to convey a message from the company.

  • It calls repeatedly to people who don’t answer, which allows you to reach almost everyone and clear the database of outdated contacts.

  • The voicebot not only provides information, but also answers customers’ questions during the conversation and arranges meetings.

  • After the conversation, the voicebot will complete the CRM and send an SMS with a link to the offer – thanks to this, the customers will know what to do next.

Automatically reactivate your customers with a voicebot

Key advantages of a voicebot for remarketing automation

It works in a blink of an eye

What would take your employee several hours, our voicebot for remarketing automation completes in just a few minutes – it makes 5,000 calls per minute, saving time and money.

It doesn’t make mistakes

A remarketing voicebot will not miss anything and will provide thousands of customers with precise information – complete, identical (or divided into groups) and error-free.

It keeps calling until it gets through

A remarketing voicebot calls people who do not answer repeatedly – at set time intervals, making a specific number of call attempts.

It complements the CRM system

A voicebot for remarketing campaigns automatically complements your CRM system with conversation details and new customer information, and also creates advanced reports.

It speaks with a chosen voice

You can choose the voice that the remarketing voicebot will use – female or male, and even the voice (and conversation style) of a brand ambassador or a selected employee.

The implementation is quick

A voicebot can be implemented in a few days – in a package with editable scenario templates, speech synthesis and recognition, SMS, local phone number and reporting.
Success story

Betfan engages and activates sports fans thanks to a personalized remarketing campaign with a voicebot

Betfan used a voicebot to reactivate customers so that they could place new bets during important sports events – including the World Cup. The company carried out campaigns using the voice of the brand ambassador Mariusz Pudzianowski and a football player Sebastian Mila – these actions turned out to be so effective that no other form of advertising was needed!
“The campaign was a success in two different ways – first, it actually fulfilled business goals, and on the other hand, we did not have any technical complications. Everything went smoothly.”
Krystian Grzelak
Managing director
Engage and win back your customers with a remarketing voicebot

Frequently asked questions

How can a voicebot help with remarketing automation?

A remarketing campaign voicebot communicates with your clients as freely as a consultant. Thanks to NLP technology, it perfectly understands natural language and interprets the client’s intentions, regardless of the words used. A remarketing voicebot contacts inactive customers by providing them with information or special offers from the company. It attempts to reconnect with those who did not answer the first call, which allows you to save time and reach everyone interested. A voicebot for remarketing automation not only provides information, but also answers the interlocutor’s questions and arranges meetings if necessary. After the conversation, the remarketing voicebot sends an SMS with a link to the offer – which guarantees that everyone receives full information and will know what to do next.

What types of remarketing can the Apifonica voicebot automate?

A voicebot for reactivating customers will be useful in many industries where companies want to quickly, cheaply and automatically reach inactive recipients with a marketing message. Its functions include identifying customers, distinguishing voicemail from a human, providing information, answering questions, complementing the CRM, and making re-call attempts at specified intervals.

How long does it take to implement a voicebot to automate remarketing campaigns?

Typically, a marketing automation voicebot with basic functionality can be deployed within a few days. You get editable basic templates, a built-in speech synthesis and recognition toolkit, as well as SMS, local phone number, and basic reporting.

How much does remarketing automation with a voicebot cost?

A pre-trained voicebot for remarketing automation costs a fixed monthly fee and covers a specific number of leads. If your process is particularly complex, you can choose a custom-made voicebot. Details of these variants and exact costs can be found in our price list.

Does Apifonica provide support in implementing a voicebot for remarketing automation?

Yes, we provide full support – from the initial idea to launching a voicebot for marketing automation. In short, we will prepare everything for you. Moreover, our team of experts analyzes your business processes to provide you with an optimal solution based on your specific problems, needs and goals, and seamlessly integrates with your CRM.