Retail marketing automation
with B2C voice & SMS

Case study
Automated CV screening
for Decathlon, a major
sporting goods retailer
Maximum reach
Engaged customers
conversion rate
Cost reduction
How Voicebot
for retail works
Voicebot calls a customer and speaks off your message, just as humans do. Use it to deliver news, special offers, discount codes, birthday greetings, order status notifications, and more.
lower operational
times higher open
rate (SMS vs. email)
reduction in live
agents calls
3 000+
integrations with other

From tedious routines
to automated workflows

Audio case studies

Retail Voicebot
makes it easier for


Fashion retailers

Medium and large retailers

Dropshipping services

Home goods retailers

communications work
where email fails

  • Maximum reach

    Apifonica's optimal mix of voice and SMS reaches 9 in 10 contacts in your database.

  • Engaging experience

    Thanks to retail marketing automation, 7 in 10 customers interact with voice and text communications sent via Apifonica.

More capabilities to
convert and engage
retail sector customers

  • Unbeatable conversion rate

    Drive optimal conversion rates. Automated, behavior-triggered communications reach customers at the right time via the right channel.

  • Crystal clear results

    We track calls and messages in real-time and provide statistics with complete visibility into campaign performance: who answered, who clicked the link, who called back etc.

Multi-channel is
the future of B2C commerce
in the retail sector

  • Fast response

    Make customers feel you value their time. Voicebot responds instantly to customer inquiries, eliminating the annoying "please hold the line." If the Voicebot can't handle the query itself, it connects the customer with a human agent.

  • Cost reduction

    Voice AI in the customer experience space can mean a lot of savings in terms of time and money. Retail marketing automation drastically reduces the average call handling time and operational costs while increasing satisfaction and engagement rates.

Automate your
daily routines
Keep customers engaged, encourage repeat purchases, and make buyers feel confident about their orders by sending purchase confirmations and delivery notifications. Collect customer feedback with automated surveys.
After setup
  • Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior
  • Deliver interactive content through voice commerce
  • Send hot deals and promotions directly to loyal customers
Automation of pre-qualification and other parts of sales and customer support funnel with AI-powered Voicebot

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