SMS Surveys: the strong way to ensure customers are delighted

Mobile SMS Surveys generate clear insights into what your customers want. You can ask for their opinion and feedback, launch a quiz or run a vote. Unlock promising new communication methods with the Apifonica Platform

A business takes care of itself and its customers. More feedback equals better performance

Drive engagement

Humans check their phones over 100 times a day, so text message surveys are more likely to be opened and responded to than email surveys.

Collect feedback quickly

Unlike other surveying methods, SMS surveys don't require follow-ups or in-depth data gathering processes. In most cases, customer responses are immediate.

Cut surveying costs

SMS surveys are perhaps the least costly way of knowing how your customer thinks

Data you can count on

People often feel uncomfortable sharing real opinions in face-to-face or phone surveys. SMS surveys produce more honest responses

How to set up SMS Surveys


Set up the right system interactions for you

Receive a number from our inventory and ask us how to write the few lines of code to connect your software to our platform.


Our platform runs scripts to filter customer responses by parameters

When an SMS is received from survey participants, Apifonica passes message parameters to a server. New participants get status 0, repeat responders get status 1 etc.


Send surveys

When a request is received from a server, Apifonica checks a customer’s current status (how many questions have been answered already) and sends the next question accordingly to the scenario.


Receive data quickly for use in further processes

Apifonica will repeat steps 2-3 until the SMS survey is completed and gather all data in the right place for your company’s software to use.

Why put SMS surveys to use?

Customer care

Use customer feedback from SMS surveys to continuously improve your customer loyalty programs.

Contact base growth

Encourage customers to opt-in to your phone marketing programs by providing special offers to those who participate in surveys.

Market research

Gain feedback on products and services; benchmark them regularly to keep an eye on how they’re perceived.

GDPR compliance

Meet GDPR requirements by keeping your customer phone numbers private.

Apifonica SMS SurveysThree reasons to choose Apifonica


We provide company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development team.

Good rates

Starting from as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS, and €0.9 per number.

Best support

We’re around 24/7 to help make your business the most innovative there is.

Apifonica SMS SurveysHow to start working with us

Step 1

Click button below and make contact

Step 2

Chat about your specific requirements

Step 3

Try out free tests for system suitability before launch

Step 4

Be prepared to see your business grow today

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