Gain total insight into every interaction between your supply and demand users with call masking & tracking

The business of matching supply and demand requires confident control over interactions between parties. Stay in control when your users speak with each other via phone. Know who called who and how the call went. Prevent off-platform transactions and oversee user experience.

E-commerce intermediary businesses can’t ignore call masking & tracking

Control over the uncontrollable

To call (or chat with) each other, users make use of their phones as usual. But the calls and messages they make occur via your platform so you can monitor and record these conversations.

Proof of value

Call recordings and statistics prove the quality of leads you deliver to your supply users and clearly demonstrate the value you provide.

Reduced platform leakage

Users cannot call one another without using your platform. Call masking prevents parties from abandoning the platform and completing transactions elsewhere.

Unparalleled UX

Phone consultations regarding products, services and people drive easier purchase decisions and increase completed transaction numbers.

Trust that sells

In-person phone conversations build trust between users, resulting in faster transaction turnaround times.

Privacy protection

The real phone numbers of users are never exposed, protecting them from spam and unwanted calls at inconvenient times.

GDPR compliance

Call masking eliminates the need to share a user’s personal data with third parties, facilitating personal data management.

Ready-to-use backend solution

Spend zero time digging into documentation and building the backend yourself. We provide ready-to-use solutions and conduct every customisation you need.

When can call masking & tracking make a big difference?

Service aggregators

Prevent buyers and sellers from engaging in private communications to avoid platform fees. Show supply users how many leads you are sending them.

Online marketplaces & classifieds

Add convenience to your marketplace. Enable phone conversations between buyers and sellers without losing control over their transactions.

Taxi services

Supervise phone communications between passengers and drivers. Prevent client loss due to driver misbehaviour, protect your reputation and ensure you provide a consistent customer experience.

Lead generators

Make your lead generation results transparent for your customers. Prove lead numbers with call statistics and confirm the quality of leads with conversation recordings.

How to oversee user interactions with call masking & tracking


Connect your app

Our in-house experts will help connect your app to Apifonica’s ready-to-use backend solution.


Apifonica replaces phone numbers

Apifonica assigns each user an alias number linked to their real phone number. When the alias is dialled, the call connects to the user’s real number without exposing it to the caller.


Seamless user-to-user calls

Users call each other by dialling alias numbers. Phone calls made to and from alias numbers are recorded and logged so you can see who called who and review conversation recordings.


Connection expiry

Once the transaction is complete, the alias phone number can be disabled. You can choose how long after completed transactions the alias stays active. Once disabled, users can no longer call one another.


Keep track of user conversations

Every call made to and from alias numbers goes through your platform. Real-time statistics provide a full view of who called who, when they called and for how long. Recorded conversations are vital for quality control and dispute resolution.

The Apifonica call masking & tracking features you need to know

Message masking & tracking

Retain control over user interactions even when users chat directly via SMS and popular messaging apps.

Call recording

Prove the quality of leads, detect unsatisfactory conduct and improve customer service quality.

Call reports

Be aware of every call made through your platform and count precisely how many leads you deliver.

Short-lived phone numbers

Decide how long parties can reach each other. Disable alias numbers once transactions are complete or keep them active for post-purchase communication.

Call whispering

Play a message to call recipients while callers continue to hear ringing. The message may provide the source, reason and context of the call.

Inbound IVR

Greet the caller and play a voice menu to validate and pre-qualify phone leads and filter out irrelevant calls.

White- and blacklisting

Filter out irrelevant calls and prioritise calls from VIP clients based on caller phone numbers.

Cost-saving solutions

Use number extensions to assign a single number to multiple users and reduce number rental costs.


Our team will help you to integrate call masking and tracking with your platform.

Why choose Apifonica?

Backend - done!

We provide a ready-to-use backend solution tailored to your exact needs so you don’t need to build it yourself.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.

Unrivalled support

Our dedicated project team provides 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica has fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.

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