Phone habits make SMS marketing a true high-conversion technique

People look at their phones over 110 times daily. Be the first of your competitors to use SMS for Sales and Marketing and reach audiences with a 98% open rate

Businesses cannot ignore the benefits of launching SMS marketing campaigns

SMS is a unique communication form requiring no extra software and working on every device. It is a strong and under-utilised marketing channel. Proper integration of SMS into your marketing strategy will further unify customer communications and boost your ROI thanks to incredible open rates of up to 20% ( simply unattainable via other channels.


98% open rates

SMS messages have a read rate like no other marketing medium. It ensured a high delivery efficiency of your SMS campaigns.

Increased sales

Market to existing customers via SMS messaging for up to 7x times easier reselling compared to new client acquisition.

Instant deliverability

90% of people read an SMS within 3 minutes of receipt. Send targeted offers to increase sales conversion rates further.

Cost effective marketing

Achieve your marketing goals at a far lower cost. SMS marketing is exceptionally affordable compared to traditional advertising channels.

Wide audience reach

Targeted messages are delivered to any SMS-enabled mobile device regardless of model and mobile internet connectivity.

High engagement

Reach your audience directly on their most personal communication device: a mobile phone.

Apifonica SMS Marketing CampaignsHow does our SMS service work?


Build a subscriber list

Collect cell numbers from your clients and ensure they agree to receive text messages from you.



Apifonica broadcasts your SMS messages to your subscriber list exactly at the time specified.



Receive detailed info on every SMS sent and measure the performance of your marketing SMS campaigns.

Apifonica SMS Marketing CampaignsMany SMS service features to best-optimise your business

2-way SMS

Encourage customers to interact with your business by running polls and competitions: receive and track customers texts and send automatic responses with 1 API.


Personalise SMS versions for recipients based on previous buying behaviour, demographics or locations.

Global sms coverage

No matter what country you and your customers are in, our service allows you to reach every customer with high accuracy.

Quick setup

Set up your marketing SMS campaigns broadcast quickly and easily using Apifonica SMS Messaging Service.

Long messages

It is important to send well-worded messages. Our service enables full texted SMS composition up to 1530 characters.

Easy to integrate

Our specialists help you integrate our SMS API Service with any of your systems: CRM/ERP, E-commerce/CMS.

Apifonica SMS Marketing CampaignsExamples of SMS marketing integration for businesses

Car dealerships and repair workshops

Remind existing customers of vendor-recommended checkups and share special offers to recurring customers.

Internet retail and web services

Drive new sales and incentivise recurring business by staying in contact with your clients. Lower customer care costs by reporting order status via SMS.

Banks and credit societies

Deposits, Leasing, Mobile & Internet Banking, Payments, Credits, Cahsbacks, Loyalty programmes: All bank products might be promoted by personalised, quickly segmented messages.

Insurance companies and brokers

Prevent clients from switching to other insurance companies by making sure they are aware of your special offers.

Night clubs, restaurants, cafes

Bring your patrons back again and again by telling them about new menu items, events, and personal offers.

Movie theatres and theme parks

Send booking confirmations with upsalings, exclusive offers, premieres and new local opening updates.

Tour operators and booking agents

Avoid losses by selling last-minute offers quickly and efficiently to your existing customer base.

Gyms, wellness and fitness centres

Send your upsell offers based on current client preferences and ensure they don’t forget to extend their memberships.

Apifonica SMS Marketing CampaignsThree reasons to choose Apifonica


We provide company-owned communication nodes and an in-house development team.

Leading rates

Starting as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS and €0.9 per number.

Best support

We’re around 24/7 to help make your business the most innovative there is.

Apifonica SMS Marketing CampaignsHow to start working with SMS Marketing Campaign Service?

Step 1

Click below to make contact with us

Step 2

Chat about your specific requirements

Step 3

Try out free tests for system suitability before launch

Step 4

Be prepared to see your business grow today

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