Phone number masking: The solution for new-era companies who respect privacy

Keep personal numbers private and replace real phone numbers with virtual numbers across calls and texts

Why your company and client base needs phone number masking


Even more ways for your customers to communicate thanks to voice and text activation for the same phone number.

On-platform comms

Users can communicate using only your provided numbers, preventing the possibility of off-platform transactions.

Every party’s protected

Empower your marketplace users to buy and sell via call and text without publicising their private personal numbers.

Infinite numbers available

Acquire and implement an unlimited number of phone numbers featuring any national code to suit your business as it grows.

Full call and text privacy

Your customers do not want to share their phone numbers due to spam, prank calls, fraud, identification by number, GDPR violation, etc. With Apifonica, they do not have to.

When can phone number masking make a big difference?

Debt Agencies

Reach debtors ignoring your calls by calling from alternative random numbers.

Classified Services

Manage fully automated phone calls and texts between marketplace buyers and sellers.

Taxi, Deliveries, Housekeeping & Repair

Enable communications between customer and service provider without disclosing anyone's private number.

Job Sites

Offer job seekers a temporary phone number for each application so they always know which potential employer is calling.

Online dating, Social Networks

Help users avoid using personal numbers to ensure safe communications. Open the possibility of charging on calls or texts are sent between users.

International Businesses, Travel

Enable foreign customers to reach you internationally at local rates using a phone number featuring their area code.

Apifonica Phone Number MaskingMasked numbers end the risk of exposing personal data

Mask a phone number using the Platform

To mask a phone number, get a virtual number via Apifonica Numbers API and link it to a permanent number you wish to hide.

Receive calls as normal

All calls now are made to the virtual phone number but forwarded to the real one.

Make masked calls from your real number

With a phone mask the person you’re calling sees your virtual number. Your real number is protected.

The Apifonica phone masking features you need to know

Call recording

Keep records of every call for quality and safety reasons.

Multi-channel capabilities

Enable anonymous texting between parties over SMS.

Real-time statistics

Track, record and analyse all your customer conversations in real time.

GDPR compliance

Meet GDPR requirements by keeping customer phone numbers private.

Dynamic number pool

Call from different numbers to reach customers who ignore your calls.

Local phone numbers

Enjoy 3.5x higher answered call rate by calling from numbers in a customer’s home area code.

Our clients use number masking to increase revenue and enhance customer experience

Apifonica Phone Number MaskingWhy choose Apifonica?

Backend - done!

We provide a ready-to-use backend solution tailored to your exact needs so you don’t need to build it yourself.


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices.

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability.

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica has fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations.

Apifonica Phone Number MaskingHow to start working with us?

Step 1

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Step 2

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Step 3

Run tests to check system suitability and our platform’s potential

Step 4

Witness the improvements to business our new Phone Masking process brings

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