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Apifonica Promotion Campaigns Smart VoiceBusinesses can’t ignore the promotional benefits of smart
voice calls

Voice SMS or Voice Call is a recorded voice message up to 30 seconds in length easily sendable to all phone number types of phone numbers across the country. Voice Calls are automated calls which deliver multiple numbers at once by using Apifonica Web Portal.


100% customers reached

No risks of losing customers. Each customer is contacted until required quote hit.

Save time and money

No need to fund large phone department. New levels of efficiency and savings via Programmable Smart Voice Calls.

Gamification for higher engagement

Excellent client engagement can be obtained using principles of voice gamification.

Existing clients bring higher sales

It is 5-7x easier to resell products to an existing customer than to gain a new client.

Instant response rate

Calls seem natural so receivers perceive info with interest. According to our data, 91% of your customers will answer and interact with a smart voice call.

No stress anymore

Apifonica’s team has extensive experience in launching campaigns of varying complexity. We will help you set up scripts and conduct tests.

Apifonica Promotion Campaigns by Smart VoiceHow to setup Smart Voice Calls


Schedule your plans

Will you promote campaigns continuously or just conduct once?


Describe the process

Specify your scenario. Our developers will help you create your unique vision.


Set up your smart call template

Create templates and upload a call list. You can even provide us your own spreadsheet.


Some Apifonica magic

We map the uploaded call list using
variables from your scenario.


Good luck!

Save your campaign settings and agree to launch.

Apifonica Promotion Campaigns by Smart VoiceMore features make Smart Voice Call promotions even more effective


To make calls even more natural, you can personalise the call e.g. naming a user or company.

Languages 120+

No need to compose the messages yourself. Text-to-speech quality covers all major European languages, intonations and genders.


100% programmable scenarios and 100% human-factor free. Launch one-time campaigns or on a periodic basis to cultivate all customer interest.


Apifonica API can easily integrate voice calls with your website, app, software or CRM system. Whatever the case, our team helps!

Speech recognition

Platform recognises customer speech, converts it and enables voice navigation


Maximise the possibility of success with smart call delivery across multiple channels.

Apifonica Promotion Campaigns by Smart VoiceMore ideas on how the WOW factor can affect your promotion

A call from your hero

Meet the interests of your customers with a call from their hero, whether a headline act from a festival ticket sale or sports star call from a stadium season ticket sale. Reach out using the right moves and tap into powerful conversion levels.

Engage with your fans

Smart calls enable new heights of emotional connectivity when it comes to sales. Provide a touching personal message or exciting motivational speech. Sending an audiofile via phonecall to thousands is a simple job.

Apifonica Smart Voice Calls campaignsWhy choose Apifonica?


We provide company - owned communication nodes and an in-house development team.

Good rates

Starting from as low as $0.002 per minute, $0.01 per SMS, and $0.9 per number.

Best Support

We’re around 24/7 to help make your business the most innovative there is.

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