Mobile numbers service restrictions

Outbound SMS are restricted to be used by our customers or their subscribers for sending person-to-person traffic only. This service cannot be used for sending bulk notifications or other marketing campaigns which do not comply with the usage of long virtual numbers. For worldwide bulk messaging please register an alphaname in the personal account.

International reachability cannot be guaranteed for inbound SMS.

What do the message statuses mean?

The following are the possible statuses of a message (the first four status values are consecutive):
  • Queued—Message is going to be sent.
  • Sent—Message was sent.
  • Received—Message was received by your Apifonica number. Works only for inbound messages.
  • Delivered—Message was delivered to the recipient.
  • Failed—Message was not delivered to the recipient. If this happens, an error message is included in Apifonica request.

What countries does Apifonica support for SMS?

You can always find if the country is supported in your personal account when you Download the price list with our routes.

If you have not found the mobile number for the country you need, please leave your request. We will certainly consider adding mobile numbers for the requested country and offer you the option that best suits your needs.