SMS messaging API

Enable apps to send, receive, process, and track SMS messages around the world

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High-priority messages

Guaranteed delivery of every message at minimum time

Worldwide reach

Get your message delivered to any mobile number worldwide

Unicode characters

100+ languages and symbol scripts supported

Toll-free SMS

Get SMS-enabled toll-free numbers from our inventory

Message details & Logs

Detailed information for all the texts sent, including message direction, delivery status, and billing details

Two-way sms API

Send and receive SMS messages over the carrier network. Generate automated responses using Apifonica XML and send texts via

Delivery status notifications in real time

Track message status with live delivery report

SMS concatenation

Send and receive up to 1000 characters long text messages one by one, seamlessly and in the right order



Connection fees
phone number starting from
0.9per month
rates starting from
0.01per sms