Mask Phone Number

Two-way anonymous calling and SMS sending without disclosing anyone's number

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Benefits of anonymous phone numbers

Secure Customer Base

Disguising phone numbers so nobody can get your existing customer base.

Boost Revenue

Phone mask as a premium feature you charge your users

User privacy

With a call mask a user's permanent phone number is never exposed on either side of a conversation.

Competitive Advantage & Conversion growth

Users do not want to share their phone numbers because of spam, location disclosure, prank calls, fraud, etc.


How it works

Mask a phone number

To mask a phone number, get a virtual number through Apifonica Numbers API and link it to a permanent number you want to hide

Get Calls

All calls made to the virtual phone number are forwarded to the permanent one

Make anonymous calls

With a phone mask the person you’re calling sees your virtual, rather than the permanent number




on either side of a conversation



Connection fees
Phone number starting from
$0.9per month
Rates starting from
$0.002per minute


Putting anonymous calling & SMS to use

Taxis, deliveries, cleaning, home repair, and service aggregators

Enable phone communication between the customer and the service provider without disclosing anyone's number

Classified ad services

Provide customers with a hide-a-phone-number feature that protects their permanent numbers from unwanted calls after their ad has expired

Dating services & social networks

Offer customers masking phone numbers service to ensure safe communication just in case things between them don’t work out as planned

Job sites

Offer job seekers a temporary virtual number for each job application, so they always know which potential employer is calling

Travel services

Provide local virtual numbers in the traveller's home area code, meaning that their contacts back home are never more than a local call away

International businesses

Enable foreign customers to reach you internationally at local rates using a virtual phone number in their area code

Second phone line

Separate personal and work-related calls without needing a second device by just adding a second (virtual) number to your existing one - it's just like a regular number!


Why Apifonica

Own infrastructure

Apifonica provides company-owned communication nodes, their own channels, and an in-house development team

Favorable rates

pay-as-you-go starting from as low as $0.002 per minute, $0.01 per SMS, and $0.9 per number

Comprehensive support

We’re always around to help make your app awesome