SMS surveys

Use SMS Surveys to gain valuable insights and a clear picture of what Your Customers want

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Benefits of SMS Surveys

Drive engagement

We check our phones up to 85 times a day, that’s why text message surveys are far more likely to be opened and responded than an average email survey

Collect feedback quickly

Unlike other surveying methods, SMS survey doesn't require follow-ups or in-depth data gathering process. Customer’s response is immediate in many cases

Cut the surveying costs

SMS surveys are, perhaps, the least costly way of knowing the customer’s mind

Get reliable data

People may feel uncomfortable sharing their real opinion in face-to-face or phone surveys, while SMS survey results in more honest responses


How It works

set up

Get a number from our inventory and write a few lines of code to connect Apifoica and your SQL database with each other

Filter Participants

When SMS is received from survey participants, Apifonica passes message parameters to your server. New participants got status 0, those who’ve answered the 1st question got status 1, etc

Send Surveys

When request received from your server, Apifonica checks participant’s current status (how many questions have been answered already) and sends the next question accordingly

Get your data

Apifonica will repeat steps 2-3 until the SMS survey is completed



Engage customers

and get their feedback directly and swiftly via the most direct communication channel



Connection fees
phone numberstarting from
0.9per month
rates starting from
0.01per sms

Putting SMS Surveys to Use

Customer care

Use customer feedback from SMS survey to improve your customer loyalty programs continuously

Contact base growth

Encourage customers to opt-in for your phone marketing programs by providing special offers to those participating in surveys

Market research

Gain feedback on products and services; benchmark them regularly to keep an eye on how they’re perceived

Your case could be here

Whatever industry and occasion, Apifonica API is as flexible as it takes to help you build a tailor-made solution fast and easy


Why Apifonica

a well-connected platform

We connect to 1500+ carrier networks in 200+ countries to provide the highest quality routes at the lowest prices

Favorable rates

Pay-as-you-go starting from as low as €0.002 per minute and €0.9 per number

developer-friendly Support

We're always around to help make your app even more awesome