SMS authentication (2FA)

Use SMS-based login verification to enhance the security of websites, mobile apps, and SaaS products

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Benefits of 2-factor authentication

Secure your services

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2-step verification) safeguards apps and online services from malicious attacks, fraud, and data loss

Protect your users

Even strong passwords are hackable, which is why two-factor authentication, or 2FA, provides a second layer of control to eliminate unauthorized access to the accounts

Better customer satisfaction

Show you care by ensuring the safety of the data your customers share with your app or online service

How 2-step verification works

2FA - 1st step of verification

The user enters their username and password into a login form

Passcode delivery

Apifonica SMS API automatically sends an SMS text message with a passcode to the user's cell phone

2FA - 2d step of verification

The user inputs that passcode on the webpage to complete the transaction



to complete the transaction

2FA requires the correct combination of one-time passcode + password


Out-of-band authentication

One-time SMS passcodes for 2FA are delivered over a mobile network as a second, non-web/email, channel to make sure access to the accounts is secure

No need for a dedicated token

No additional device or software is required for mobile 2FA: a one-time code is delivered by SMS to the user's personal cell phone

Easy to implement

Mobile 2-step verification can be easily added to any web service or software application using Apifonica SMS API


Apifonica's clear pay-per-message pricing model and low rates are as good as it gets



connection fees
phone number starting from
0.9per month
rates starting from
0.01per message

Putting 2FA to Use

Safe payments

Secure internet payments with 2-factor authentication: both the user's password and the texted passcode are required to complete the transaction

New user verification

Verify user phone numbers with SMS passcodes to prevent robotic registrations

Protect sensitive information

2FA ensures that only legitimate owners have access to sensitive information such as online medical records, financial documents, and online infrastructure

Password theft protection

Prevent account takeovers with two-factor authorization confirming that the transaction is authorised

Why Apifonica

Own infrastructure

Apifonica provides company-owned communication nodes, their own channels, and an in-house development team

Favorable rates

Pay-as-you-go starting from as low as €0.002 per minute, €0.01 per SMS, and €0.9 per number

Comprehensive support

We’re always around to help make your app awesome