How does recruitment automation software work?

Anna Sopova

Recruiting automation is a category of technology that enables companies to automate hiring-related tasks to increase productivity and improve HR campaign results. There are many challenges related to the acquisition of employees. By implementing smart technology to the process, we can make it less overwhelming.

The ultimate goal of any recruitment automation software is to ensure the best level of communication with candidates while reducing the amount of work for recruiters. Especially now, when the pandemic has shaken the labour market, HR departments need assistance in screening all the applications. Companies have already started investing in different sorts of automation tools to support talent acquisition teams. Let’s take a look at the way they use it.

Hiring is no piece of cake

The recruitment process consists of multiple stages, including:

  • job offers publication,
  • screening candidates’ CVs,
  • choosing the best talents,
  • answering/scheduling a meeting with the chosen ones,
  • interviews,
  • making final decisions.

For a company with a small-sized HR team, the hiring process can be a challenging experience. Not to mention the time and money it takes for a hiring campaign to happen. On average, HR managers spend eight workdays and € 1000 to find a single suitable candidate. Now multiply the cost knowing that you aim at finding 30 new employees. It’s ridiculous.

That’s why the progress in AI and machine learning technology makes so much difference in this branch of business. It allows companies to automate up to 60% of activities related to the acquisition of new employees.

What recruitment automation software has to offer

There are lots of tools that can help your company upgrade the recruitment strategy and overall performance without lowering the quality of communication with candidates.

The technology can be implemented in the form of:

Automated job advertising

Nowadays, when a company starts a recruiting campaign, the choice of platforms suitable for placing job offers is overwhelming. Automated job advertising allows for the automatic distribution of job ads on the most effective job boards, search engines, and social media channels. It helps to reach the people we search for and track the performance throughout the campaign, optimizing our cost-per-click. Thanks to automation, the exposure of the job postings is increased, allowing more candidates to respond to your offer.

AI-powered candidate engagement

According to research, about 90% of candidates searching for a job don’t apply when first seeing a job offer. It’s usually because they only check what options are available, they need more time to think, or there are no attractive open positions for them yet. Recruitment automation software can be used here to maintain candidate engagement and make them return to the page when the timing is right. It improves the campaign results by bringing back candidates that showed some interest in your job openings before and providing them with all the necessary information on a silver plate.

Screening process optimization

Latest reports by Google and Jobvite state that the preselection of candidates, the stage that includes screening candidates’ CVs, is the most time consuming and exhausting part of recruitment. It accounts for up to 60% of the whole process. Automating this stage significantly increases hiring team efficiency and helps close jobs a lot faster. AI-based screening of resumes was applied, for example, by Dominos Pizza to hire new delivery employees quickly. The company successfully decreased HR efforts and costs while reaching the right people on time.

Implementing HR Voicebot

A solution that optimizes the screening process but also automatically messages candidates and schedules interviews with them. A provenly useful, unbiased tool that takes a considerable weight off recruiters’ shoulders. HR Voicebot performs the initial screening of applications based on the script prepared by the company. Thanks to the Voicebot, talent acquisition managers receive a clean, structured report on preliminary interviews with applicants in minutes. HR Voicebot can also message the chosen candidates and schedule a call with those who qualify for the offer. Adding the fact that the script can be automatically translated into hundreds of languages, the recruiters can really double their chances of hiring the right people on time.

Incorporate automation into your recruitment strategy

By reducing the amount of time spent on repeating tasks such as preselection and calling, HR departments save costs and improve hiring efficiency. Whether it is reminding candidates about the job offer, automating offer distribution, or implementing HR Voicebot to do it all for you, automation proves to be a great assistant in hiring procedures. Every team should learn how to work with it to generate satisfying results without the pressure to find the right people on time.

Using recruitment automation software in any form, talent acquisition teams may finally focus on more productive activities that aim to upgrade the overall employer branding message.

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