How to build automated recruitment marketing

Anna Sopova

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to build an effective HR marketing campaign. What’s more, you don’t need to be an IT geek to automate the whole process and let the campaign work almost on its own! Learn about automated recruitment marketing - a modern approach to hiring processes and see how you can increase the performance of your talent acquisition team.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Automated recruitment marketing: Build effective HR campaigns

To start your journey with automation first make sure you have the basics covered. In recruitment marketing, the focus is on Employer Branding in its best version. You, as an HR manager, should know everything about the image you want to present online.

Take care about Careers and About us pages

Sometimes we start the recruitment campaign without having the right foundation. Your website is your company’s business card, and it’s also the first touchpoint where candidates will look for more information about the job offer. That’s why not only your Careers site (if you have one) but most importantly About us page should highlight your brand and show your company’s culture. Make sure the displayed content (images, social events, benefits) expresses what it’s like to be a member of your team.

Broadcast your offer online

To reach talents, you need a powerful value proposition, strong enough to attract experienced candidates. However, even if your company’s offer is unique and stands apart from the competition, you won’t succeed without broadcasting it on suitable platforms. In today’s world, you have to fight for the attention of candidates. Choose the job boards you want to publish the offers on but don’t post them yet. There are tools that can do it all for you!

Using tools such as Propellum, Joveo, or PandoLogic, you can completely automate job posting on external platforms!

Set off an automated campaign

Here’s where your automated recruitment marketing has a real chance to grow. Starting with a tool for job offer distribution, you can take a step further and promote your offers through social media channels or email campaigns.

Recruitment email campaign

Emails in HR can be used in three ways.

  • Cold emails - used when we first make contact with potential candidates. Here, they don’t know about our brand, so we have to be careful with our message.

  • Follow-Ups - sent at regular intervals to people who once engaged, clicked on our email, offer, or website content.

  • Cross-selling - a method borrowed from marketing. We can send an email to a candidate who doesn’t fit with a particular role but has skills that we may find useful in our company. Then in the email, we communicate about possible opportunities.

You can start your campaign by informing people who once visited your Careers page that you have open positions now. It’s a way to keep your potential candidates engaged and to ensure they don’t miss out on an opportunity to apply.

  1. Prepare a suitable newsletter to spread the news about the start of the recruitment.

  2. Try to make a good impression with a well thought out design.

  3. Remember to make the subject line intriguing - people hate SPAM and may put your message straight to trash.

  4. Place a solid CTA to increase the chance of the candidate clicking on the offer.

Of course, don’t send the emails manually. The technology has your back!

You can use GetResponse or that have an option to track the messages.

Social media campaigns

SM platforms are an essential source of candidates who spend there the vast majority of their time. Use them to your advantage. By promoting offers on social media platforms, you increase your reach and the chance to gain the attention of today’s community.

Automated recruitment marketing tools such as Sendible, Buffer, or Agorapulse (but there are really hundreds of others, just type in Google), have all you need to automate social media posting and track the results. Thanks to social post analytics that measures impressions (views) and clicks, you can then reach those specific, engaged people. By automating SM publications and management, you also reduce the hours spent on maintaining and growing brand accounts.

Measure the results

You can set off a fantastic campaign on several channels with lots of valuable content, but if you’re not keeping track of those efforts, it won’t be effective. Sure, you can still reach some potential candidates, but you won’t be able to make recruiting decisions based on real data - that’s a possible threat to your final results.

Fortunately, automated recruitment marketing tools offer the analytics module to measure your success and campaign efforts. You can measure the performance by bringing it down to each message’s clickthrough rate to see what type of content works best. What’s more, you can identify which recipients are most engaged to know who’s interested in working for your company.

Organize recruitment processes with HR Voicebot

Now, that you’ve gathered massive traffic from your automated campaign, you could probably use some help screening all the received applications. Don’t worry; we have a solution for that too.

Contact our team at Apifonica to plan your recruitment process with HR Voicebot!

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