HR Voicebot: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Needs It

Anna Sopova

Did you know that on average, HR managers spend 8 workdays and 1000€ to find a single suitable candidate? Maybe it is less or more in your company, but either way, the numbers are not small. 

While we still believe only humans are able to make creative and context-oriented decisions, voicebots can, however, greatly simplify work and reduce costs of attaining your organizational goals. 

What if your job board could reduce the time and cost of hiring by up to 81%? If the very thought of the possibility fills you up with excitement, we might have the perfect solution. 

The answer is HR Voicebot by Apifonica!

What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology?

The potential of RPA technologies for HR is huge and waiting to be explored and put into use. That’s why we have summarized a list of proven reasons why businesses should consider the implementation of AI tools. 

But first, let’s get familiar with the technology itself. For instance, our HR Voicebot can help reach your hiring goals faster and cheaper with chatbots, phone calls, SMS, and popular messaging apps in 150+ languages. 

It does so by screening hundreds of candidates within minutes, speeding up initial recruitment process stages up to 81%. 

Practically, the HR Voicebot calls people with a certain message based on a selected database by asking questions. And the great part is that it can be tailored specifically for your needs. The Voicebot won't replace all human contact but it is valuable when you want to contact lots of people without having to hire a call centre.

Still not convinced? That’s ok. But before you leave, just check out all the benefits provided by our HR Voicebot.

Why should you use our HR Voicebot?

1. Fast and easy implementation

HR Voicebot can be easily implemented on existing systems and this process is fast and effortless. From our experience, it usually takes only one meeting with the client to make a scheme of call scenario, and one to five working days to launch the system. It depends on how quickly the customer can record questions and send us their database (without personal data, just numbers). After receiving the necessary information, we do the magic on our side and implement the Voicebot into your existing system.

We also provide full integration support - you will not be abandoned with a broken script aka Voicebot.

2. Lower costs


The intensive labour process is costly, inefficient, and can often lead to high error rates, which unfortunately ends with you losing money. Our developed HR Voicebot technology cuts the time and cost of recruiting up to 81% by automating the most time-consuming stages of the hiring process.

For comparison: average cost per hire through the manual recruitment process is 1000€, but with Voicebot, the average cost per hire is 200€. Isn’t that remarkable?

3. Diversity of candidates

AI can act as a bias-free screening tool as it doesn’t know how old candidates are, what they look like or what sex they are. This levels the competition, ensures diversity of candidates, and helps businesses truly find the best talent. 

The Voicebot also reduces the risk that candidates will be refused because of potential bias that human hiring managers may subconsciously hold. For example, job candidates with ethnic minority sounding names get fewer job interviews. 

This can lead to missing the best applicants and also decreases the level of diversity in the company.

4. Perfect for entry-level staff hiring

Since the Voicebot is unable (yet) to make creative and improvised decisions, it still can not employ most of the workforce. But it can bring tremendous relief to the HR staff of large companies who are constantly hiring blue-collar and service job employees: sales assistants, cashiers, drivers, couriers, call centre operators, handymen, insurance agents, operations clerks etc.

5. Use it for follow-up

We can program the follow up for you. Once you establish that someone is suitable for a certain role (and interested), the job description can be sent to that person automatically. But if needed, the candidate can also have the option to be connected with a recruiter to discuss further.

6. Increased employee satisfaction and productivity

By giving the Voicebot all the time-consuming and monotonous work, employees have much more free time for productive tasks such as employee engagement and retention. It can greatly increase employee productivity and satisfaction level, which in turn can boost the company's profit.

7. Accuracy

The Voicebot offers precise outputs and decisions when it comes to data analytics. And not to mention the execution of all the monotonous tasks as data entry, data verification, copying and pasting of data, data conversions, mouse clicks and selection, interfacing between several applications, report generation and many more. 

Automation of such tasks will ensure accurate and precise execution of work.

8. Reliability

HR Voicebot does not require sick days, it does not take any lunch breaks and toilet breaks, and works for 24/7/365. Of course, this does not mean that employees are being belittled. It simply means that all the monotonous and mundane tasks will be 100% done without any delay.

9. Stay ahead of your competitors

The Voicebot empowers the HR routine and makes sure you stay ahead of the competition. It also ensures you are first to contact all suitable candidates, even during high season when everyone is hiring. Our HR Voicebot will make sure you are on top of the game, as it can do such tasks as:

  • Speak 150+ languages;
  • Perform 10 000 calls per hour (scalable);
  • Send content over SMS, email, Facebook Messenger, Viber;
  • Engage in a conversation with candidates via text messaging; 
  • Imitate human communication when making and answering calls;
  • Transfer calls to a live recruiter when necessary, immediately or on schedule;

(!) And our HR Voicebot can be integrated with CRM or website.

10. Efficiency

Our HR Voicebot can quickly conduct primary interviews with a large number of candidates. In just a few hours, you can have a full analysis of candidates in accordance with the parameters specified by you such as:

  • Contact details; 
  • Required experience (in years);
  • Ability to start working as soon as possible;
  • The salary expectation which coincides with Employer’s terms;
  • Availability for a face-to-face interview at day and time scheduled by you.

What’s more? The Voicebot is able to complete a clerical task much faster than a human worker. For a task that takes an employee 60 minutes to complete, it is possible for a Voicebot to complete it in just 5 to 10 minutes!

So, the big question you are probably asking yourself right now is: “Should I view this as an opportunity rather than a threat?”

Final words

Yes, the workplace will never be the same again but this is surprisingly a good thing. The HR profession will NOT be taken away by robots since human employees have an intense understanding of psychology and sociology. Then there’s creative and critical thinking, and improvisation skills. 

What robots can do, however, is to help reduce costs and HR specialist time. And at the end of the day, it is a win-win situation for all involved parties - job boards, corporate recruiters, HR agencies and jobseekers.

In fact, the Voicebot can actually raise the level of productivity among employees and offer a chance to work on more creative, innovative and important tasks. Even more so - AI will increase demand for socially creative skills, which cannot be replaced by robots. 

So you can be sure that HR will not be outsourced anytime soon, and the real question you could ask yourself is: “How can I add value to my company and enhance the human performance?”

Not looking for a recruitment bot?

So far, recruiting and talent acquisition are the areas where artificial intelligence solutions are the most effective. However, there is a growing number of AI-based solutions for activities such as:

  • Filtration;
  • Sourcing;
  • Coaching;
  • Interviewing;
  • On-boarding;
  • Employee service centers.

The future is here - take it or leave it. That’s all for today; see you next time!

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