5 industries that benefit from voicebots

Agnieszka Wiącek

Voicebots, until recently treated as a curiosity from the world of technology, are becoming more and more popular in many different industries, solving the problem of work overload, streamlining companies’ operations and leading to significant savings.

In what industries are voicebots used and for which industries will a voicebot be the best solution? We’ve selected five that we think could benefit the most from voicebots.

In what industries will a voicebot work?

Voicebot in HR – effective recruitment of thousands of candidates

One of the biggest challenges in the HR industry can be summed up briefly: many candidates, little time. The recruiter goes to great lengths to review all CVs and call all candidates, but it may turn out that some of this work will be wasted. Candidates will not respond, some of them will not be interested in working under the given conditions at all or will not meet the basic requirements. All this takes a lot of time – and time is running out!

What can be done to shorten the tedious process of combing through candidate applications and preliminary interviews? Hire a voicebot! Properly trained recruitment voicebot will call all (yes, all!) candidates and conduct preliminary interviews with them. It will screen out those who are not interested, those who cannot be contacted (despite many attempts) and those who do not match the offer. This database of pre-selected candidates will be handed over to the recruiter, who will have much less work to do. But that’s not all – the voicebot will arrange meetings with the recruiter and will also take care of the candidates’ experience, because each of them will receive a response to their application – regardless of the recruitment result.

Voicebot in the HR industry will shorten the recruitment process and save many hours of work (and, consequently, also money!). Finally, it calls all candidates at once. What takes a recruiter around 40 hours, the voicebot will complete in just one hour! 

Thanks to well-structured questions too, the quality of voicebot work in the HR industry is very high, so there is no fear that candidates will be assessed incorrectly – but after all, the recruiter can look at the report at any time and check the answers of potential employees.

Voicebot in ecommerce – personalization of the shopping experience

The ecommerce industry is developing very dynamically, and online stores are slowly becoming the main place where we make purchases. No wonder customer experience is absolutely key here. Personalization is one of the most important trends that ensures a better experience for each customer – by remembering their shopping preferences. Voicebot can help here by using customer data from CRM (for example, their purchase history or searches) to call them with personalized recommendations and tailor the offer to their needs. And when the customer abandons the cart, the voicebot can restore it, calling with a special offer.

But it is not everything! Voicebot in online sales will handle many stages of the purchasing process: it will answer frequent customer questions and inform about the status of the order or delivery. If it works according to the complex scenario, it will significantly support the work of the customer service office! In the ecommerce industry, such support is invaluable because it allows you to automate and personalize communication in the store, which translates into more tailored service, greater customer loyalty and, of course, higher sales profits. And that’s what it’s all about!

Voicebot in retail – personalized campaigns and satisfaction surveys

Voicebot also has many applications in the retail industry, where it helps improve customer experience and increase profits. It may for example conduct a personalized telephone campaign informing about the company’s new offer and get an immediate response (which allows you to reach customers even more effectively than email or SMS). Voicebot in customer service will answer many consumer questions. Moreover, if the store has branches in multiple countries, the voicebot will serve everyone in their native language.

Voicebot in the retail industry is also able to conduct consumer satisfaction surveys. An example is a study conducted for one of our clients – a company from the clothing industry – where we achieved a record response rate of as much as 47%. In the case of traditional call center service, it was only 10% – the difference is colossal!

Voicebot in marketing – immediate qualification of leads

Let’s imagine that we are running an advertising campaign aimed at collecting contacts with people interested in the services of a given company. Such a campaign can be conducted, for example, on Facebook. The company advertises, people enter their name and phone number and... wait. However, it doesn’t have to be this way – a lead qualification voicebot can call them back immediately, which increases the chance of success in acquiring a customer. The voicebot will ask a few questions that will allow you to initially classify the customer into a specific category, and also... weed out junk contacts, i.e. those where, for example, fictitious data is provided or someone persistently does not answer the phone. 

As a result of the voicebot’s work, the company’s salespeople receive a database of “clean”, pre-qualified leads with which they can contact. Thanks to the quick response of the voicebot and the initial qualification of contacts, the campaign has a chance of being much more effective, not to mention saving time and avoiding frustration for people from the sales department.

Voicebot in entertainment – encouraging fun

Voicebot can also be used in the entertainment industry – like with betting companies. On the occasion of important sporting events, the voicebot can call the company’s customers, informing them about the possibility of making an attractive bet. But that’s not all – it can also impersonate a famous athlete, speaking in their voice and using their typical sayings. This pleases customers who are more loyal to the company and willing to place more bets. Voicebot is the most effective way to reach and activate such people.

Voicebot – in what industries is it used?

A voicebot can be used in any industry in which a company contacts customers – its possibilities are very wide, and everything depends on the proper training of the voicebot, which over time additionally learns from already solved issues and becomes even more efficient in solving customers’ problems. Thanks to its high efficiency, the voicebot can support the work of a call center or customer service office, operating quickly and without interruptions, which contributes to significant savings.

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