Medical registration – how to improve it with a voicebot?

Agnieszka Wiącek

As a patient, what do you associate medical registration with? Probably... with a long wait in line to connect to the reception. This is a problem not only for state-owned institutions, but also increasingly for private chains, especially the larger ones. No wonder – patients are more and more aware and willing to take care of their health, while clinics must pay attention to costs, especially in times of growing competition.

Automation of registration at the clinic

Registration of patients by phone, however, does not have to be an ordeal – it can be almost completely automated. Intelligent, AI-based, advanced voicebot comes to the rescue!

Although this solution may raise some questions and controversy, it is actually very simple – the patient will talk to the voicebot in the same way as with the receptionist thanks to natural language processing. This means that no matter what words they use, the machine will understand them without any problems and will handle the matter they are calling about. Moreover, the voicebot is programmed in such a way that it knows perfectly well the spectrum of issues that patients call about, so dealing with a standard issue is not the slightest problem for and there is no need to redirect to a consultant.

Voicebot in telephone patient registration can be used for:

  • Making an appointment with a selected doctor
  • Postponing the visit to another date or canceling it
  • Confirmation of attendance at the scheduled visit

As well as:

  • Collecting and providing information
  • Conducting satisfaction surveys
  • Providing information about the examinations

And the benefits? There are a surprising number of them – and it’s not just about reducing waiting time on the line. Both the patient and the clinic itself benefit.

Telephone registration with a voicebot – benefits for patients

Patients of a clinic, having the opportunity of medical registration using a well-designed and intelligent voicebot will feel greater satisfaction in contact with the clinic. What problems does conversational AI solve?

The patient will be contacted immediately

As we have already mentioned, we all know how frustrating it is to wait for a connection to the reception – not everyone has the time and patience to endure long minutes on the line. Research shows that if people have to wait for a call, 5% of them will hang up immediately, and 28% won’t wait longer than 5 minutes. With a voicebot, this problem is solved right away – the patient registration at the clinic takes place without the need to wait. Voicebot will answer the phone immediately because it can process up to 5,000 calls per minute. The automatic assistant has access to the doctors’ schedules (the clinic’s CRM system), so it can select both the right specialist and the right date for the patient, and then automatically enter it into the system and send an SMS with the visit details.

The patient can make an appointment with the doctor at any time

It’s Sunday and the patient wants to see a doctor on Monday? The patient can only talk after working hours? No problem – a voicebot can be reached 24 hours a day, 365 (or even 366!) days a year. Thanks to this, patients have greater comfort and can call the clinic even in unplanned situations.

International patient service

It’s worth mentioning that a voicebot speaks over 150 languages and, therefore, it can easily talk to foreigners from different countries, who constitute a large percentage of clinic patients. Multilingual medical registration with a team of consultants would be impossible for most facilities – even large ones – for financial and organizational reasons, or simply unprofitable.

Nothing will be forgotten

If the patient doesn’t write down the appointment date in the calendar, they may easily forget about it. A medical voicebot is prepared for such a situation – it will call well in advance of the visit to remind and confirm it, and after the conversation, it will send an automatic SMS with the visit details.

Patient registration at a medical center – benefits for the clinic

The benefits for patients result directly in benefits for the medical facility itself, which can reach new customer groups and not lose money.

Patient service is cheaper

When a voicebot works at a clinic, there is no need to hire a large team of receptionists, because simple matters are handled automatically. Thanks to this, the costs of patient service are significantly lower.

The clinic gains new patients and the loyalty of existing ones

Because patients can easily call the clinic and make an appointment at any time and in any language, they are more likely to choose this particular facility. Thanks to the automation of medical registration, new patients arrive, existing ones are more loyal, and the clinic enjoys greater profits.

No uncancelled appointments

One of the biggest problems for medical facilities are appointments that patients booked but did not attend – in such a situation, doctors lose time that they could use to see another person, and valuable dates are blocked. With a voicebot, the clinic does not waste time and money because visits are canceled in advance – the voicebot can call the patient to confirm whether they intend to show up for the scheduled meeting.

Automation of other standard service processes in the clinic

In addition to comprehensive management of the appointment calendar, the voicebot can also handle other processes in the clinic – for example collect basic patient data, inform them about the preparation for examinations or conduct satisfaction surveys. As you can see, most standard processes in telephone patient service can be successfully automated – however, if the case is complicated or the patient wishes it, they can be transferred to a receptionist (during reception opening hours).

Security of registration in the clinic with a voicebot

Finally, it should be noted that the patient data collected by a voicebot during the telephone registration process is completely safe – the machine operates in accordance with the GDPR and other legal regulations, and the software secures the collected information in various ways. One voicebot works only for one specific clinic, and the data is not shared with any other entity.

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