Apifonica as a B2B Real-Time Communication Solutions Provider

Anna Sopova

As an enterprise owner, do you know that your potential customers do not open or read 80 percent of your marketing e-mails?

And are you familiar with how communication in real time can solve this common contemporary business dilemma?

In today's business milieu, firms thrive through being constantly visible to their possible clients who are their lifeblood.

They satisfy their customers by being highly responsive, giving utmost importance to their consumers' time and needs.

Today's consumers are visually inclined and digital and social media-savvy. Moreover, since we live in a digital world, they want things quick and accessible right at their fingertips.

Apparently, it is quite challenging to get their attention and interest considering their busy schedules and myriads of product and service options available in the global market.

Since the attention of today's consumers is certainly worth billions of dollars, companies try to reach out to them through social websites and their digital devices.

But as a business owner, you may wonder how your enterprise can best perform digital advertising and communication and effectively capture your target customer base.

You may ask, “How can my company deliver optimal customer service 24/7 as well as gain and keep our customers for the long haul?”

The answer is real-time communication or live communication. We at Apifonica offer this business solution.

But before we let you know how we can precisely help you, let us first take a look at communication in real time as a type of digital marketing and communications solution.

I. How Does Real-Time Communication Help Firms Capture and Keep Customers?

The widespread adoption of smartphones and other digital devices has made today's global consumers inclined towards immediate service and information exchange.

Modern customers choose to engage only with companies that offer them products and services in a fast, understandable, dependable, and visually stimulating manner.

Hence, today's innovative firms respond to this demand by using real-time communication or live communication.

This type of customer interaction pertains to a company’s personnel engaging with a customer live and without the element of latency or being late.

In short, businesses engage with their clients in a "right here, right now" mode and thrive from this customer service setup.

When businesses use live or real-time communications, they serve their clients by employing real-time communication tools such as the following:

1. Calling using the conventional telephone;

2. Cellular or mobile phones;

3. Instant messaging like WeChat or WhatsApp;

4. Internet telephony or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP);

5. Internet Relay Chat (IRC) or other chatting modes;

6. Robotic telepresence;

7. Live teleconference communications;

8. Live videoconference communications; and

9. Multi or two-way amateur radio.

As you can see, these forms of communication happen with the emphasis on the element of being "live" or "happening right now."

They do not include the traditional web-based communication in business like e-mail, blogs, or bulletin boards.

These examples of digital communication involve a significant latency or delay between the transmission and the receipt of data from companies to their clients.

Therefore, there is no real-time messaging involved, and dynamic businesses do not want to lose their customers through this sluggish mode of traditional advertising and customer service.

Take for instance Reddit, Growthhackers.com, Imgur, or Inbound.org in the customer experience world.

These websites facilitate a delay between the first message and the response when it comes to product discussions.

Hence, consumers have preferred other real-time communication tools for marketing better like YouTube Live, Slack, Drift, and Livestorm.

These platforms enable live engagement with a product or service brand. Thus, firms have monitored them to determine whether their customers are pleased with their offerings or otherwise.

We at Apifonica are among the business-to-business (B2B) solutions providers who desire to help you obtain and retain your clients through communication in real time.

We strive to be a dependable service provider by being highly responsive, fast, and helpful for you being our valued client companies.

Let us give you more insights about how we can exactly serve you.

II. How Can We Help as Live Communications Solutions Provider?

At Apifonica, we work as a B2B solutions provider.

With our headquarters based in Tallinn, Estonia, we help your business engage with and retain your clients through our offerings of voice and text messages delivered to the right channels.

As an enterprise, we know that you certainly do not want your customers to become disengaged and uninterested.

Moreover, we understand that you surely do not look forward to your operations suffering from inefficiency all because of the traditional modes of customer interactions as the main culprit.

At Apifonica, we offer real-time communication solutions without necessarily supplanting our clients' existing digital communication setup.

Our top-of-mind priorities emphasize on boosting your revenue and your capability to offer better customer experiences.

Have a look at some of our myriads of real-time messaging services:

1. Voice Application Programming Interface (Voice API)

This service is among the examples of digital communication that we offer at Apifonica. With the Voice API, we integrate business-level voice-calling features into any application.

We facilitate your company to build complex voice workflows faster through this feature, too.

At Apifonica, we offer real-time communication service by connecting our client's existing VoIP infrastructure to our voice network API.

Moreover, we facilitate the Voice API’s connection to any digital device like a Public Switched Telephone (PSTN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and mobile endpoints.

As an enterprise, we look forward to you benefitting from our Voice API service because it allows the recording, storage, and management of phone calls as well.

Plus, the building of custom call logic is possible through our Extensive Markup Language (XML) instructions.

2. Instant Acquisition of Local, Mobile, and SIP Numbers

Your business can undoubtedly capture more customers from other territories through this real-time communication service that we provide at Apifonica.

With this solution, we are capable of supporting over 10,000 simultaneous voice sessions. Furthermore, our SIP servers facilitate affordable calls and smooth connection quality.

We make it possible for your company to enjoy having more potential clients through the feature of requesting more phone numbers from across the world, too.

Yes, we at Apifonica allow you to acquire local numbers in dozens of territories and area codes instantly.

Plus, we also help by enabling you to relish incoming and outgoing calls from your potential customers towards your Internet, mobile, and desktop applications.

3. Short Message Service (SMS) API and Social Messaging API

We at Apifonica are well aware that today's consumers spend most of their time communicating using their smartphones.

Thus, it is our mission to keep your enterprise highly relevant in the international business terrain by offering excellent business messaging services.

We allow you to select from three types of SMS service with over 100-percent guaranteed delivery rate.

Through using simple Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) requests, we enable your firm to send, receive, and monitor SMS and social channels straight from your software.

You can reach any potential customer worldwide as we support top real-time messaging platforms.

We at Apifonica work hard to get your firm’s undelivered and unread messages to alternative messaging service providers.

Hence, you can engage, support and help your customers through communication in real time on channels like SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

These clients and customer leads will become more engaged with your product or service offerings.

As you can see, we understand your desire to maintain that competitive advantage while you deliver excellent customer service to your clients.

We look forward to your establishment relishing this auspicious business scenario which certainly translates to prospects of high profitability and sustainability.

III. How does Our Cost-Effective and Time-Saving B2B Solutions Work?

We at Apifonica intend to make our B2B transactions with our enterprise clients more satisfying by assisting them in the installation of our offerings.

With business offices in Poland, The Netherlands, Italy, and Finland, we also provide website callback, instant lead SMS alerts, bulk SMS text messaging, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services, being among plenty of our other services.

We respond to your firm's need for increased sales by facilitating you to have wider audience reach worldwide.

Connecting to your customers at their most convenient time and their most personal digital device is possible through the help of our information and communications technology professionals.

Our software specialists are experts in employing web-based communication in business, tailoring bespoke real-time messaging solutions for you as our client and accelerating your time-to-market.

Moreover, we help you receive high client engagement while you work hard to satisfy your customers' needs.

Always remember that today’s conscientious customers will be loyal to you only if they feel that they are valued and are a part of an important family or community through your brand.

Through our B2B solutions of live engagement with customers, we at Apifonica strive to help you earn your clients’ loyalty through concentrating on building long-term relationships.

Besides helping you to stay cost-effective and highly productive in the highly competitive business arena, we are here to help you invest in time and effort in a comprehensive customer engagement strategy using real-time communication.

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