Providing transport companies with automated package progress notifications

Minimised storage time, streamlined pickups and reduced customer support personnel costs. Discover how Apifonica delivery notification automation will evolve your business

Apifonica encourages customers to pick up their deliveries faster

Optimised inventory turnaround

Late cargo pickups negatively affect storage facility space and productivity. Apifonica drives early pickups, reaching customers via phone to prompt them into immediate action.

Reduced customer support staff costs

Companies rely on costly human staff to handle customer interactions. Apifonica automates typical human operator conversations to reduce support personnel costs by up to 45%.

Omnichannel reach

Apifonica uses phone calls, SMS and social channels to reach even the least responsive customer. It tracks no-answers and performs repeat contact attempts as needed to reach every customer on your list.

Minimise long-stay cargo with Apifonica’s callbot for delivery notifications

Automated delivery notifications

When cargo arrives, Apifonica’s callbot uses your system data to call customers and promptly schedule a pickup time. Using text-to-speech technology, Apifonica delivers order details by phone and even understands the customer’s response via speech and DTMF.

Customer outreach

The callbot offers a 6-10x better response rate than standard SMS and email notifications. It keeps records on every call so you always know if a customer answered, listened, responded and exactly how.

Self-service customer support

Callbot answers phone calls and resolves standard requests about cargo status, terminal location, etc. For more complex inquiries, it automatically connects a customer to a live agent (immediately or scheduled).

Apifonica prompts efficient pickups via automated delivery notifications


Reaches every customer

Events in your cargo tracking system trigger the callbot, which calls the customer and prompts them to confirm a pickup time.


Tracks responses

Callbot detects no-answers and busy lines then uses repeat calls and multi-channel tactics to reach every customer.


Answers incoming calls

Callbot recognises customers that call, engages them in conversation, and provides relevant information on their current order status.


Reports the results

You are provided a fully comprehensive overview of all results and user behaviours during calls.

Apifonica’s callbot handles delivery notifications better than any human. It is the complete solution

Multi-language support

Speaks and recognises 150+ natural languages to support your international customer base

AI-powered dialogues

Imitates human communication, asks and answers questions and understands responses


Generates human-like speech from your system data, providing your callers the information they need without human assistance

Speech recognition

Turns human speech into text that is easy for teams to search and analyse

Smart communications manager

Transfers atypical calls to live human support personnel when necessary (immediately or scheduled)

Speed dialling

Capable of making 10,000+ calls simultaneously to reach a virtually unlimited number of contacts in minutes

Order status updater

Provides callers with current order details by generating voice messages using system data

SMS and social notifications

Engages in conversations with customers via SMS, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Telegram, and WhatsApp

Call answering

Answers incoming calls, identifies customers by caller ID or order number, handles order-related requests

Local phone numbers

Makes calls from numbers that match a customer’s area code (people are more likely to answer and return calls from local numbers), increasing response levels

Call recording

Records and stores conversations for service quality control and dispute resolution


Integrates with CRMs and other enterprise software

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Proven expertise

Solutions for all marketplaces and major platforms including European and Russian classified services and marketplaces


Direct connection to 120 carrier networks worldwide results in the highest quality routes at the lowest prices

Unrivalled support

Dedicated project team providing 360 degree responsiveness and 24/7 availability

Full GDPR compliance

Apifonica have fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations

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