“Hello world” is not enough! Current world is much more complicated

Using the latest speech synthesis technologies from Amazon Polly, Google Cloud Speech and Microsoft Speech, as machine learning text-to-speech and speech-to-text, Apifonica can combine human-like speeches recognizable robocalls in 150+ languages for any kind of automated communications with your customers through your software. Amazing!

Text-to-speech and speech-to-text help to minimize human agent workload and reach more contacts at the same time

Scale beyond the language barriers

Speak to customers around the world in their native languages. Apifonica recognizes 150 languages and variants to support your global user base

Engage a larger audience

Reach large contact bases in minutes with automated calling campaigns. Speech technology allows callbots to speak your customer languages, understand responses, and maintain dialogues

Automate typical conversations

Automate standard interactions with customers. Speech synthesis and speech-to-text allow callbots to imitate human communication and handle standard conversations as good as a live agent

Enable customer self-service

Let customers use their natural language to navigate through phone menus and get the information they need. Apifonica supports voice commands in your customers’ mother tongues

Reinforce your customer communication with voice recognition and voice synthesis technology

Mass calling campaigns

Deliver your promo campaigns over a phone call. Powered by speech technology, Apifonica’s callbots reach thousands of contacts in minutes, greet every customer by name, make personalized offers, recognize responses, encourage immediate action, and drive record conversion rates

Phone interviews

Save your specialists’ hours by automating the initial selection and qualification processes. Ask questions using text to speech and capture responses using speech recognition to screen job applicants or qualify leads

Service notifications

Deliver time-sensitive alerts and reminders via an automated phone call. Apifonica reads off your message by generating speech from data in your systems, prompts customers to take action when needed, and helps to speed up service turnaround

Conversation analysis

Analyze conversations between your customers and employees to improve customer service. Apifonica captures speech, transcribes it, and returns text that is easy to search and analyze

Some more capabilities, which do generated voice & text so effective

Real-time speech synthesis and recognition

Apifonica converts text to speech and vice versa in real time, enabling dialogues without delays

Natural-sounding speech

Speech is composed of individual phonemes, with intonation regulated by neural network trained on real-life examples so that it mimics human voices and sounds more natural

Multi-language support

150 supported languages allow businesses to communicate with their clients around the world

Smart communications manager

Combines automated interactions with live agent conversations, transfers calls to a live agent when necessary, immediately or on schedule

Call answering

Answers inbound calls, recognizes voice commands, answers questions, reads off information from the knowledge base

Concurrent conversations

Apifonica’s speech module can handle thousands of conversations simultaneously and reach a virtually unlimited number of contacts in minutes

High-load infrastructure

The system is available and fault-free even on pick loads when the number of concurrent requests is high


Integrates with CRMs and other enterprise software

Apifonica voice recognition and voice synthesis technologyfour reasons why to choose us

Proven expertise

Solutions for marketplaces and with major platforms european and russian classified services and marketplaces

Cost effective

We connect directly to 120 carrier networks around the globe meaning the highest quality routes at the lowest prices

Best support

Dedicated project team and 360-degree support

Fully gdpr compliant

Aifonica have fully implemented the EU's General Data Protection Regulations

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