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Automation starts with Apifonica. Optimise workflows in HR, customer support, sales and marketing.

What is Voicebot?

It is a software solution for automation of communication: it can ask and answer questions based on a script designed to solve a certain business task, for example pre-qualification of requests to customer support.
AI-Voicebot by Apifonica is more than that though. We can help automate communication, CRM/HRM system management, reporting and even add gamification and personalization to your workflows in HR, customer support, sales and marketing.
Apifonica Voicebot understands natural language and it can automatically update scenarios based on chosen triggers. It is customizable to fit any business scale: from automation of voice/text notifications to a complex solution integrated with your IT system featuring AI, smart reporting and automation.
calls per second 24/7/365
voicebot understands natural language which boost engagement
4.2 PLN
av. price of 1 lead
qualified by Voicebot
languages to talk to your
leads like a local
Hear yourself how Voicebot can
handle different situations:
we’ve gathered examples of Voicebot application in
HR, sales, marketing & customer support

Where you can apply Voicebot?

Our clients

Start integrate call
masking in Your bussines

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