Innovate your fan engagement
solutions with the Voicebot

Case study
Season ticket promo
campaign for a professional
rugby club
8 650
on a call for
at least 5 sec
6 150
listened the
entire message
received the offer
payment link SMS
the offer
How Sports Voicebot
Let every fan receive a personal phone call from one of the club's star players. 100% automated solution guaranteed to impress your fans.
of fan base
reached in minutes
times higher open
rate (SMS vs. email)
engagement rate
of emails are Ignored,
80% of calls are answered

Enforce your sports marketing with
automated fan engagement solutions

Audio case studies

Apifonica's fan engagement solutions
make it easier for



Sportsbook platform

Sport clubs

Ticket sellers

Reinforce the unique
relationship with fans

  • Improve attendance

    A sold-out stadium is always better than 98% occupancy.

  • Keep fans engaged

    Win fan hearts and minds with personalized calls. A star player's voice message alone will make fans feel like valued club members.

Save marketing costs
and effort

  • Promote season tickets and
    high-margin merch

    80% of emails are ignored; 80% of calls are answered. Apifonica algorithms can replace a call center or a marketing agency at a fraction of the cost.

  • Gather valuable feedback

    Sales aren't everything. Are fans satisfied with the stadium facilities or offline ticket service? Just ask them.

Rapidly increase
customer lifetime value

  • High-impact personal touch

    Create impact comparable to a real-life conversation with informal, naturally recorded messages.

  • Measurable results

    Measure anything with real-time stats on who picked up, how many called back, how long they talked with a ticket office, and more.

How Apifonica's fan engagement solution works
Automate your supporter
marketing campaigns
Provide a truly memorable and personalized engagement experience to the club's supporters by addressing each fan personally. Engagement campaigns powered by the Voicebot consistently receive positive feedback from fans and set record social media interaction numbers.
After setup
Use the Sports Voicebot to:
  • Engage new fans, so they feel like a part of the team
  • Share team news, promote ticket sales
  • Create an ongoing dialogue with fans to show your appreciation
Quicker & more efficient engagement with your
audience with AI-powered Voicebot

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