SMS integration for Freshdesk™ customer support suite, powered by Apifonica

Anna Sopova
Use cases

Freshdesk™ customer care suite has been customized by DigiAssistentti to send SMS notifications and reminders to customers using Apifonica’s SMS API. Also, based on Apifonica’s Numbers API integration, Freshdesk admin can create virtual SMS contact numbers in different countries or cities when necessary, so that users receive SMS notifications from a local number. On behalf of the client, DigiAssistentti conveniently takes care of billing SMS and numbers’, both in Finland and other countries.

The new integration is currently deployed to a DigiAssistentti’s Freshdesk customer that uses it for SMS notifications and customer service quality surveys. It will be also available as an customized option in all new Freshdesk deployments carried out by the company.

Kim Hiekkanen, Suomen Digiassistenttipalvelut’s CEO said: “We have extended Freshdesk with SMS channel integration, created with the help Apifonica, the domestic Finnish provider. Text messaging is great because it is simple, doesn’t need a data network or applications, and works in virtually every mobile phone. With Apifonica as an expert partner with working technology, the first steps in SMS integration were successful in just a few days.”

SmartTel Plus OÜ (Apifonica™), CEO of Apifonica: “I am a huge fan of DigiAssistentti simple, humble, no-nonsense approach to IT business services. It feels great to know that our SMS will contribute to the feeling of satisfaction that DigiAssistentti promises and successfully delivers to its customers”. Freshdesk is a multichannel customer support helpdesk system that allows organizations to collaborate and support their customers through email, phone, websites, forums and social media, developed by Freshworks, Inc. Freshdesk, along with other Freshworks products is used by more than 150 000 companies in the world.

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About Apifonica

Apfonica is an Estonia-based telecommunications API provider, founded in 2015. Apifonica offers a set of APIs to easily integrate SMS and voice call functionality into any server, cloud, mobile or desktop app. Apifonica’s platform is used by software products catering to a user base of more than 100 000 000 persons around the world.

About Digiassistentti

Suomen Digiassistenttipalvelut OY (Digiassistentti) is a IT consultancy for small businesses, founded in 2015. Digiassistenti is Freshdesk’s only authorized reseller located in Finland.

Read more about Digiassistenti’s SMS offering (in Finnish)

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