A voice solution to dissuade pesky telemarketers

Anna Sopova
Use cases

The beauty of telecom apps’ world is that there’s rarely a need for complexity tech-wise, it is the complexity of the real life needs to be understood and dealt with.

A clear example of it, a working prototype called PhoneGuard, presented on TADHack Global Hackathon this year. Absolutely simple, yet tremendously useful service: it requires unknown callers to make a small deposit before being connected.

If the call lasts over a certain period of time (say, 30 seconds), it is probably not time-wasting (as the user consents to engage in it), and the caller is not charged. If it doesn’t, the user keeps the deposit as a compensation for the time wasted.

Aside from that, the very fact that some action is required to establish the call, will dissuade 99,9% of unsolicited callers. For these who are most determined there would be an economic incentive to make their offer really worth the time spent listening to it.

PhoneGuard has been created on Apifonica platform over one weekend. Read more about it at http://blog.tadhack.com/2017/10/11/phoneguard/

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