Top 5 automation tools that recruitment agencies use

Anna Sopova

It’s no surprise that recruitment agencies use automation at their workplaces. Nowadays, if you want to keep up with the competition, you need to learn how to distribute tasks and pay attention to what matters. With that in mind, companies are introducing tools and practices that help to speed up repetitive tasks and optimize the hiring process.

Top 5 automation tools to make recruitment efficient

Modern technology makes it possible to use automation at almost every stage of the recruitment process. Candidate sourcing, comparison of CVs, interview scheduling, HR campaign performance tracking are the most common areas for automation. With the right tools in place, agencies get better hires with less effort.

There are hundreds of AI tools that successfully help to decrease talent acquisition costs and accelerate hiring. Let’s take a look at some of the most prominent solutions in the market.


One of the leading solutions is Hiretual - AI Sourcing. The tool lets you source candidates outside typical platforms by providing access to 750M+ profiles. Recruitment agencies use it to build personalized engagement campaigns and reach more suitable applicants. The tool can be easily integrated with over 30 Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) to save even more time on candidate search.


Today, a hiring process starts with broadcasting a job offer online. To do that, someone has to spend time to find the right platforms, write a job description for each position, and publish the offers. Propellum accelerates this very first stage of recruitment by automating job posting on your target job board. The tool fetches jobs automatically from the career page and then transfers them onto the job board. The service also includes personalized customer service.

HR Voicebot

At Apifonica, we invented HR Voicebot as the all-in-one solution for successful recruitment. The tool finds candidate profiles that meet the criteria, conducts phone interviews to collect additional information, schedules meetings, and sends messages to selected applicants. Voicebot interviews hundreds of people in minutes and provides recruiters with a comprehensive report so that they can make better hiring decisions faster.

To learn more about this automated solution, read how HR Voicebot helped tackle the call center’s mass hiring challenge.


92% of job seekers don’t apply “from the first sight’. Data shows that people need to spend some time searching through different job portals before applying for a job position. The longer they are searching, the more likely they are to forget about your offer. Dalia is a platform for automated candidate engagement that helps recruitment companies remind people about open positions and keep potential candidates engaged. The software captures visitors who are about to leave your career web page and shows a pop-up form prompting them to sign up. Later, the software can automatically notify them about new job offers and other recruitment information. By keeping in touch with potential applicants, the software increases the chances that they will apply for a position.


And last but not least, the programmatic job advertising platform - Joveo. Recruitment agencies use the tool to automate HR advertising campaigns. The platform helps agencies attract more applicants and close the positions faster by targeting candidates that are very likely to get hired. Thanks to machine learning, Joveo quickly understands the job requirements and reaches the most suitable job seekers within the specified time and budget.

Transform the operational process into a strategic one

Automation is a go-to way for companies that seek to increase the quality of their hires. AI-powered solutions speed up the process and also build a database of the best candidates. All you need to do is choose the one that will bring the most value to your company.

Automate what can be automated and focus on the human side of recruitment.

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